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Marielle Palombo

Changing group tags - 135 views

groups tags change

started by Marielle Palombo on 05 Jan 11
  • Marielle Palombo
    I would like to change a group tag. I know how to change a tag in my own library, but I can't find a parallel function in a group tag library. Using the revise tags function, I can batch add a new tag, but I don't see how to batch delete the old one. I can change the tag in the group tag dictionary going forward, but I want to change all previously tagged items, too. (I asked about this in another thread a couple of months ago, but no one replied.)
  • Marielle Palombo
    I don't want to delete the bookmarks, just the tags. For example, if I wanted to change a group tag from "blogging" to "blogs," I could batch add "blogs" as a tag to all bookmarks currently tagged "blogging," but then I couldn't delete the "blogging" tag from all of those bookmarks at once. I can delete it from each one individually, but that takes too much time. If I follow the steps you listed, I'd be deleting the whole list of bookmarks rather than a single tag. I like being able to globally edit/change a tag in my personal library, and would like the same functionality in groups. Does that make sense?
  • sandy_diigo
    Currently you can not replace one tag in your group with another directly.However, you can do that step by step
    as instructed below.
    1)filter out items tagged with the specific/certain tag
    2)choose to view all items in advanced mode, also known as the best mode for management
    3)batch add a new tag to those bookmarks via the "revise tag" function, which is available from the drop-down menu of "more actions"
    4)delete the specific tag by editing all items one by one
    BTW, we offered a parallel function in a group tag library,which is also known as the group tag cloud feature. However,we disabled it based on it is a seldom used feature and users most likely to revise/edit/delete tags when they see all relevant items rather than they see individual /stand-alone tags separately. Which way is better to edit group tags from your point of view? Any suggestions and feedback are highly appreciated.
  • Marielle Palombo
    I don't seem to be communicating successfully. I know how to delete a tag from the group tag dictionary, but that's not what I'm trying to do. I am trying to change the name of a tag on already tagged items in a group. Whether through a tag cloud or through any other means, I just want the ability to change an existing tag globally across a set of group bookmarks. I still see no way of doing this. If I could delete a tag from a group of bookmarks using the "revise tags" feature, that would be fine, but I can't. I can add a tag to a set of bookmarks, but I can't delete a tag from a set of bookmarks. I can replace all tags with a new set, but I don't want to do that either. I just want to replace ONE tag with another on a selected set of bookmarks. Or, put another way, I want to edit a tag globally, in all instances that tag appears within a group. The tag cloud feature might be the more logical way to do that. If so, PLEASE bring it back!
  • Marielle Palombo
    Following the above directions still does not solve the problem I'm describing. Deleting the tag in the tag dictionary does not delete it from all the items that have been previously tagged, but only prevents it from appearing in the suggested tag list in the future. This makes organizing a dynamic set of group tags more difficult. If there were a third option in the "revise tags" box that says "Delete tag from selected items," that would work. Might that be added?
  • sandy_diigo
    Currently the option to delete tag from selected items as you described is not available.
    Some users have complained about the chaos of group tags.So we designed the tag dictionary feature to replace the group tag cloud feature. We want to solve this issue from the origin via the group tag dictionary feature. Supposed that the group owner and together with his group members select some tags as predefined tags in tag dictionary. Each time when they share a bookmark,they form a habit to choose the most suited one from suggested tags by group. Those tags are also highly accepted/most popular among all members.Rather than each individual use tags randomly, tags are in good order. In this way,it also saves some time for group owner to manage tags.As bookmarks accumulate,tags can play a role for distinguishing categories, which is also similar to the label function of gmail.
  • Marielle Palombo
    Yes, we have been using the tag dictionary feature and found it useful, although the tag limit is somewhat constraining. The issue is that we'd like to change one of those standard dictionary tags retroactively (for all previously tagged items) as well as for future bookmarks.
  • khirnhup yeo
    Tag limit? What tag limit? Please tell. Thanks.

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