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Noel Reid

V5: 'More Options' drop-down when bookmarking a webpage - 6 views

V5's not so new any more but I had to register my disappointment at now having to click the 'More Option's link to be able to add a bookmark to a list or take a snapshot etc. I was wondering why le...

v5 bookmarking more options add to a list snapshot

started by Noel Reid on 02 Aug 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Diigo now supports screenshots « Moving at the Speed of Creativity - 13 views

  • Diigo now supports screenshots
  • The following video, included in the post
  • Diigo's screenshot functionality as a reasonably powerful Skitch alternative
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Diigo V5: Collect and Highlight, Then Remember!
  • diigobuzz on Vimeo
    Nothing ever happened to me. I ask someone on here if i could and they said i could use it.
Graham Perrin

"Original Size" links for images not working - 38 views

@ Frederik Van Zande Please, does look fine to you, too? Or is there still a problem for you?

bug redirect problem image original size error diigo v5 Amazon S3

Webtwo Dozent

How do you un-expand annotations in My Library? - 89 views

I use Diigo-Lists in my (German) courses - students get there recommended resources (links / images / videos / presentations). If a list contains several presentations or videos (collected flash)...

regression suggestion diigo v5 help annotations annotation expand collapse

Graham Perrin

Diigo V5 unveiled - 29 views

Subject: Diigo V5 unveiled > tags in a cloud Please enable e-mail notification for (2010-07-02), How to view tags in cloud in V5.

diigo V5

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