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Contents contributed and discussions participated by James Dasher

James Dasher

Facebook Application, is diigo still supported? - 334 views

facebook diigo app bookmarks
  • James Dasher

    Unless the update hasn't gone active, it still doesn't work...
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  • James Dasher

    My problem is doesn't work, in all reality there is no app...

    The only page that is available is titled, "Fresh and Hot from the Diigo Community' Collection"

    On the about page for the application, there is no option to "add this application" all you can do is "go to application"

    If I didn't know better I'd say you all haven't done anything to the application since facebook released their new design layout. There is no ability to add a box or page to a profile, nothing. Really, there is no app outside of that one general page.

    Joel Liu wrote:
    > Could you describe your problem with more details? For example, send me some screenshots ( jole【at 】 diigo dot com )
    > Thanks.
  • James Dasher
    Just take a look at some of the other comments on the app page on facebook, definitely not the only one with this problem.
  • James Dasher
    Well, here is hoping that this is going to be fixed, used to use ma.gnolia before they went down and their app worked well, even had a screenshot of the site. Would love to see this app work!
  • James Dasher
    I can contact them via twitter if that is their preferred mode of communication, however, if you make "user forums" available, you need to handle the communication that comes from there. Come on Diigo, it can't be that hard to do a facebook app from your end. Every other service has one (or more) or they have an API so another person can develop one. At least from my perspective Facebook is a crucial piece of the social internet right now.
Frederik Van Zande

import ma.gnolia bookmarks - 111 views

bookmarks import ma.gnolia support
started by Frederik Van Zande on 25 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
  • James Dasher
    I just wanted to voice the statement that I desperately need my ma.gnolia info imported into diigo for there to be any real thought of switching services, I like the look of what you have done, however if I can't import I'll just continue to use what I have. I just sent an email on the Contact Page to the same effect, PLEASE FIX IMPORTING. Why for several days now there has been a "temporarily unavailable because of a problem with the delicious api" on the import page I don't know.


    Frederik Van zande wrote:
    > If you want I can send you my ma.gnolia bookmarks file, so you may beta test it on me.
    > I really like this concept & site, but as long as I don't get all my hard work in it, I'll hardly use it.
    > One of the main advantages of this platform is that it simultaneously let's you save a bookmark to diig & magnolia. This really made me choose to try it out.
    > Joel Liu wrote:
    > > We are developing a importing from file feature. Hopefully, you can use this feature 2 weeks later.
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