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windows live spaces 1503 server error - 32 views

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bug assigned windows live spaces 1503 server error blog

Graham Perrin

adding Windows Live Spaces blog to "auto blog post" - 11 views

Search this forum for the error code to find topics of possible relevance, e.g.

auto-post blog Windows Live Spaces bug

Graham Perrin

public (anonymous) can not view annotations/highlights in Internet Explorer 7; Error: I... - 23 views

Internet Explorer 7 remains bugged. Annotated links e.g. continue to fail (toolbar of Diigolet fails to drop down). Priority: high; * failure is a poor first impres...

Diigolet IE Internet Explorer Windows bug priority gpd4

Graham Perrin

Option to disable the dashes around highlighted text - 51 views

Subject: colours of highlights ZFT718 ! wrote: > change color Graham Perrin wrote: > More recent discussion re: colour/strength/intensity/...

highlighted text Firefox 3.0.6 Windows bug suggestion

cuttingedge -

option to open searches in new tabs PLEASE??? - 50 views

I also love how that I can search with google's search box and the search results open in a new tab. Can we not do that in the diigo toolbar? Even if I hold down CTRL and hit enter it won't open i...

search tabs toolbar windows


NormalWindowsForSocialCollaborationByAnnotation - 83 views

Hi fridemar & Maggie! I looked after what fridemar offered. (It is a little exhaustive for me momentarily, although it may be a very good idea) But, i can confirm that the stícky window reall...

annotation diigo feature space windows

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