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Joel Liu

Diigo toolbar IE7 bug - 128 views

Hi Michael A new version will be released soon. What's your OS Vista or XP?

bug diigo focus ie7 slow tabs toolbar

Doug Miell

IE7 And Toolbar - 14 views

Hi Maggie I too am experiencing the same issue that 'kallison' describes. I get the full range of features appear on the toolbar after downloading, but when IE7 reboots all I end up with is the D...

ie7 toolbar

Jim McClintock

ie7 will not open after diigo 3.0 toolbar has been installed - 129 views

Hey Joel, I'm on Windows Server 2003 SP2 (development server), but you can use XP as a proxy (at least in terms of supporting a browser extension, unless there's something really unusual about the ...

diigo ie7


questions about toolbar with IE7 - 28 views

I got the "Open in new tab" back, and it was probably the fault of a different toolbar. Still having some problems with this toolbar, though, so I eagerly await the new release, but will use the d...

bug ie7


Diigo toolbar crashes IE7 - 73 views

I just found this thread trying to look up this problem. Yes the exact same thing happens when I open up my browser now that I have the Diigo toolbar. I have to find a web shortcut on my desktop to...

toolbar IE7 crash crash (computing)


Sticky note location in different browsers - 124 views

When I place a sticky note on a page in Firefox, IE7 shows the sticky note in a different place. Opera doesn't show the sticky note at all, sometimes. At other times, Firefox and Opera display th...

bug firefox ie7 note opera sticky

started by anonymous on 03 Oct 07 no follow-up yet
Maggie Tsai

Local Browser Bookmark Options - 52 views

Glad that you feel that way. We think so, too, and will be the absolute best :-) Please kindly assist us spreading the words. As more people participate, the more we all benefit from collectiv...

bookmark feature

Graham Perrin

Diigo toolbar causes error in IE7 - 32 views

> Windows XP, all updates currents Do you rely on Automatic Updates? Do Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) or Software Update Services (SUS) apply? Have you upgraded f...

bug ie toolbar

Mark Vickers

problem with Internet Explorer version of Diigo - 44 views

Sorry, the new toolbar is not available yet, due to some compatible problems with Windows XP and Vista. However, we finally solved it. It will be available later. You can use diigolet ( http://w...

diigo ie7

Maggie Tsai

Diigo has taken over my home page - 9 views

Thanks for the screenshots. The login problem was due to a recent new change in the backend. Just updated. Please check and confirm. Thanks



Diigo toolbar freezes IE - 90 views

I have had this problem for quite sometime.... any idea when it will be fixed? The toolbar has alot more function than the diigolet. also... if you put a release date on the toolbar download bu...

problems toolbar

Jose Luis Pajares

Feauture request: show a personal comments box in webslides - 38 views

I think this is my last bug report about weblides: If i try to edit a sticky note while in a webslide, the presentation could just go to it's beginnig if i press the "J" key, loosing my edition. I ...

feature webslides

Maggie Tsai

Cannot get toolbar to run properly - 16 views

Have you just upgraded to Vista Enterprise recently? Do you have any new anti-spam or security system installed? We've not had a chance to test against Vista Enterprise - will try to do so sh...

bug toolbar vista

Hilary Reynolds

CSS - 16 views

Seems to have been resolved now. Many thanks to the UI guy. ))) maggie_diigo wrote: > Got it - passed on to our UI guy to take a look.

bug css ie

Joel Liu

Typed "@" leads to diigo website - 13 views

It's strange. We never heard this kind of problems before. What's your Diigo IE toolbar version? What are other plugins you installed in your IE7 ? Try to uninstall diigo toolbar first, see whether...


Kip Gregory

Diigo toolbar DLL crashing Internet Explorer 7 - 99 views

Hi Graham - Thanks for the very rapid reply. Don't have answers to everything but will do my best... Installed on Monday I believe. Re: problems with my computer, it depends how yo...

toolbar IE7 crash dll 3.1.22.dll bug crash (computing)

Ségissement Marion

can't edit tags to group it - 30 views

Oh, do you still fail to group tags?

edit tags


add to list feature is blocked IE7 - 30 views

Thank you for the suggestion. I've had popup blocker turned off, expecting that deactivating it would be the best shot at eliminating the conflcit. But unfortunately it does not. I've also tried ...

popup block list

Graham Perrin

Lists management - 165 views

> With the v=p trick, the view is cleaner (2010-07-01), v=p no longer working for lists.

lists list bookmark section view tag suggestion

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