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Nina Birnbaum

How do I edit a previously bookmarked page? - 55 views

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started by Nina Birnbaum on 29 Mar 09
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    can u provide a screenshot . which OS and browser u r using ( with version numbers)
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    in my side i dont hav any problem ( Ubuntu 8.10, intel x86-64, Firefox 3.0. 8)

    check my screenshots just taken 5minute ago

    can u provide ur screenshots so that it will be easy for them
  • Maggie Tsai
    Furl cache : Please note this transfer only takes care of link transfer first. Regarding your Furl archive (cached) articles - we understand that many furl users value their furl cache. If you need to access those cached pages now, you can still sign into Furl to view / export them

    Meanwhile, given that there are quite a bit of technical complexity involved here, we are discussing with Looksmart to come up with the best possible solution to transfer those cached pages, but it will take a while. So, please stay tuned!

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