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Difficult to use Chrome and Diigo - 128 views

Thanks for the tip. I already have that extension installed. I came across a patched version of the extension that has the hard coded CTL-B to bookmark a site but that has to be reinstalled each ti...

Google Chrome problems shortcomings


Scroll bar in my tags - 15 views

If you have many tags: * instead of clicking My tags   — presenting the hundreds of tags in the narrow column, one line per tag * a little higher up, click View all   — presenting...

scroll diigo suggest problems help tags suggestion


diigo v4, I don't like some features - 54 views

Thank you very much Joe for add the + and + in tags

v4 suggestions problems autocomplete

Graham Perrin

Adding to list option prevented in bookmark window even w IE7 popupblocker turned off - 10 views for highlights from your other topic. Please, is this issue resolved for you now?

popup problems bug

Graham Perrin

Diigolet asks me to sign in before bookmarking even if I'm signed in - 154 views

I'm signed in to Diigo but in some tabs, Bug Diigolet 4.0b166 invites me to sign in, and clicking Sign in fails to do so (the invitation reappears). Considerations http://blog...

diigolet problems bug

Klaas Kay

problem with expand/collapse - 32 views

I also have had the similar issue. This happens after the main maintenance of Diigo. I usually clipped something from the Web either texts or images besides the URLs alone. So most of my collecti...



Diigo toolbar freezes IE - 90 views

I have had this problem for quite sometime.... any idea when it will be fixed? The toolbar has alot more function than the diigolet. also... if you put a release date on the toolbar download bu...

problems toolbar

Joel Liu

Editing Tags CONSIDERED HARMFUL - 70 views

Ok. We will change it to the way you want.

annoying broken bug dataintegrity dealbreaker problems tagging

started by Joel Bennett on 13 Jun 08 no follow-up yet
Maggie Tsai

Update that I received on 5/12/08 - 80 views

Everyone should be fine with the roll back for now, right?

corruptfile error problems update

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