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krazykiwi -

Firefox Beta 3.0.5b & Diigo - 223 views

beta firefox toolbar
  • krazykiwi -
    Since the last toolbar auto update, virtually nothing is working.

    Neither the sidebar nor the 'recommended tags' in a new bookmark dialog populate, bookmarked pages are not indicated in the toolbar, and new bookmarks are not sent.

    Everything is working as expected in FF on the same computer, so it doesn't seem to be a connectivity issue on my ed.
  • krazykiwi -
    Joel Liu wrote:
    > Go to FF 3 == > Tools === > Options == >Privacy tab == > Check accept third party cookies .
    > Hopefully it will solve your problem.

    Hi Joel,

    While I greatly appreciate that you tracked this down to a cause, I'm not quite entirely happy.

    There are serious privacy concerns with 3rd party cookies, and it is not without good reason that the preference returned to FF 3 (and is not only present now in nearly all other mainstream browsers, but the default in some.)

    Whatever technical problem you are solving with this was clearly not necessary before the update that caused this problem, I would really appreciate if you could at least put taking another look at the solution for alternate solutions on the developer todo lists.
  • krazykiwi -
    Me Self wrote:
    > The cookiesafe firefox extension can probably mitigate some of the privacy risk, krazykiwi. It's like a noscript extension for cookies. You can decide which sites you allow cookies for.

    The cookiesafe extension is not ported to FF 3 yet, and this problem specifically affects FF 3.

    Why? Because the choice to accept or not 3rd party cookies and their associated risks was not available in FF 2, and that is in fact one of the reasons there was a proliferation of cookie handler extensions.

    None of which affects my point, that this wasn't necessary until the

    Besides the fact I'm perfectly capable of managing cookies for myself, I wonder how this will affect other users. There are bountiful security advice sites out there telling people to set this option in their browsers, spy/adware cleaners that offer to set it for you, or recommend the same. Personal privacy is a big issue for some people, and less sophisticated users will simply never figure this out.
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