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Graham Perrin

Toolbar Bookmark this trims URL - 111 views

I too have this problem. What the hell? I mean, isn't it essential to be able to bookmark the URL untrimmed?

adding bugs firefox toolbar bug solidus

Lee Potts

Version Severe Install Problem - 143 views

Just for the heck of it I tried to upgrade using the FF Ad-ons list and it worked fine. Seems like there's only a problem when updating through the automatic system that runs when FF is started up.... installation

ralf starkowski

Diigo Toolbar points to wrong url - 79 views

Hi, please check the value for extensions.diigotb.server in about:config. I think you have the value "cn" which is supposed to be "www". Changing the value to "www" should solve the wrong server pr...

diigo toolbar

P. G.

Possible bug: private bookmarks uncovered when saved to - 103 views

Also works for me again pretty fine! :) Thanks a lot diigo team! KGyST1 wrote: > Worked well again. > > Seems to be solved, at least, for me.

Maggie Tsai

Update that I received on 5/12/08 - 80 views

Everyone should be fine with the roll back for now, right?

corruptfile error problems update

P. G.

Private bookmarks shared with become public there - 59 views

v. After installing the version, the problem still remains. * Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (32bit) * Flock v.1.1.4 privacy Delicious

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