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highlights and stickies disappearing - 69 views

highlight note sticky
  • Tanya
    I just started using diigo and highlighted and left stickies a total of 15 times on this page. I restart my comp and browser and they are gone. I made sure to highlight and sticky the permalink page. What am I doing wrong?
  • Tanya
    True here too. I was just disappointed not to have it all in the page instead of as individual pieces to expand and collapse. I guess i should go try a different type of website and see if it works better for me. I just didn't know if this would happen all the time and i did it all wrong. Thanks for looking at it.

    ollitolli wrote:
    > I could reproduce your problem. However, the problem seems to be that the highlightings + stickies and the floating stickies are just not displayed on the webpage even though they are still there in some way. When I go to "My Bookmarks" ("My Diigo"), I can see they have been saved. Just click on "Expand" and you will see them. At least, that is what it is like here on my computer.
  • Tanya
    Oh wow!! I hadn't gone back up to the top since I checked it before as I am only about halfway done with the 300 or so debate comments. :P But I just rechecked and you are right. They are back!! That is totally awesome and now I can see this is just a terrific tool for me. Thank you so much for keeping on top of my question.... since I didn't even think to check it again myself.

    ollitolli wrote:

    > Do you still have the problem?
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