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11th July 2014,- Tipperary vs Laois Live stream GAA Football Online TV - 4 views

  <div class="cArrow"> </div><div class="cContentInner"><div class="cContentInner"&...

Tipperary vs Laois Live GAA Football Online

Mike S

extract annotations - 76 views

I'm using Firefox Wade Ren wrote: > which browser are you using?


FF Toolbar: Highlight Button & Pop-up Menu Disappeared - 53 views

Joel, If you'd like a video of symptom #1 in Firefox, you can download one at The Diigo buttons were on my bookmark bar in the video, but I still can'...

bug firefox highlight pop-up toolbar


add to list feature is blocked IE7 - 30 views

Thank you for the suggestion. I've had popup blocker turned off, expecting that deactivating it would be the best shot at eliminating the conflcit. But unfortunately it does not. I've also tried ...

popup block list


Additional option to suppress mini search/highlight popup - 2 views

With the browser extension, I found the mini search/highlight popup very annoying and was pleased to find an option to disable it in the settings. However, it still appears if I hover over any text...

mini popup highlight selection browser

started by pgaudiano on 19 Mar 19 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Private/Public Bookmarking - 204 views

> we get the system default for annotations set to "private" > and have to recheck it manually, each time > when we want to make a public annotation. Nowadays, it's the opposite. Not good for p...

group privacy tag suggestion

Joel Liu

BUG? Strange refresh in bookmarking popup description field - 15 views

> Q - is anyone else having this issue? ===> Y, it's a known issue whic is due to the Fckeditor we used in the diigo popup window. > Q - can anyone explain what is going on and how to stop this?...

bookmarking description refresh

Anish Patel

Show all my tags when saving post - 50 views

Sure, that should suffice. I'd suspect the recent 50 tags would show what I was looking for 80-some percent of the time.

tags-related post Recommended tags

Joel Liu

Can't sign in in Digolet! - 385 views

Hi all, The problem was finally solved. 1. Diigolet uses cookies authroization if available (available means that 3rd party cookies are allowed) 2. If cookies are not available, diigo...

Diigo About diigolet Firefox resolved


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Maggie Tsai

Ed-Tech Insider: Diigo: Social Bookmarking and More... - 0 views

  • Diigo: Social Bookmarking and More... By Tim Lauer on January 6, 2006. Discuss it below Diigo is a new social annotation/bookmarking tool. In one respect it is similar to It even takes advantage of the API so that items that you tag or bookmark with Diigo, are also tagged to your account. Where it is quite different from, is that you can also more fully annotate your bookmarked pages, and bookmarks can also be saved locally. You can highlight and tag specific images and paragraphs from web pages, and also add sticky notes. These sticky notes can be public or private. For example if I tag and add a sticky note to a page, I can also see other sticky notes left by others or I can send a notification to a colleague so that she can read my annotation and respond. I can also use Diigo to save my selections and annotations and review them later. I can also forward them on via email. The Diigo toolbar puts all of these tools at your disposal. The Flash Tutorial gives a very good overview. The more I play with Diigo the more it looks like an interesting alternative/compliment to Technorati Tags: del.icio.u
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jdr santos

Problem after installing toolbar: right clik menu too large - 75 views

Please send us a screenshot. Meanwhile, you have two options -- use the toolbar buttons instead of the right-click menu to execute desired functions, or try diigolet.

menu problem right-click toolbar

Mah Saito

Feature request:Popup "Copy" customise - 9 views

Hi, Sorry for frequent request, I want to customise popup "Copy" function. Now, "Without format", "With format" and with url. I want add other option (ex. With Image Url and so on). I want li...

feature popup toolbar

started by Mah Saito on 05 Oct 07 no follow-up yet

11th July 2014,- Tipperary vs Laois Live stream GAA Football Online TV | Diigo Groups - 0 views

    Tipperary vs Laois Live GAA Football Online TV , Tipperary vs Laois Live GAA Football on 12th July 2014, Laois vs Tipperary game via Live streaming on your PC, Laptop, smartphone, iPhone, iPad or Tablet. Watch your favorite GAA teams from Anywhere in The World. Enjoy watching GAA Football All Ireland Senior Championship, Leinster GAA Football Senior, GAA Hurling All Ireland Senior Championship, Ulster GAA Hurling Senior Championship games live stream Online. We Will provide you 100% quality software to Watch all the Sports Events this season. Enjoy with the live score, preview, recaps and highlights. GAA Tv Link - Watch GAA Football Live Online TV [ click here ] GAA Tv Link - GAA Tv Link - Event: GAA Football All Ireland Senior Championship 2014 Round 3A Match: Laois vs Tipperary Date: July 12, 2014, Saturday Venue: Portlaoise Kickoff: 16:45 GAA Tv Link - GAA Tv Link - GAA Tv Link - GAA Tv Link - GAA Tv Link - GAA Tv Link - GAA Tv Link - 11th July 2014,- Tipperary vs Laois Live stream GAA Football Online TV , Watch Down vs Leitrim Live Stream Online GAA Football All Ireland Looking for Laois vs Tipperary Live Streaming? Watch Laois vs Tipperary GAA Football All Ireland Senior Championship 2014 Round 3A game this July 12, 2014 and will kickoff 16:45. Don't miss to watch this exciting matchup! Laois vs Tipperary game is available to watch online via live streaming. If you are one of the big fan of GAA Football All Ireland Senior Championship 2014 Round 3A and you are unable to watch this match via live streaming on your TV, due to work load or busy in some other work, don't get mad as our site will show you all GAA matches live streaming on your gadget without any ads or popups interruption. Whereas other compan

Adding a quick access filter isn't working? - 54 views

Happy to know this problem has been solved. If you have experienced any other problems,please kindly let us know.

bug help Firefox Mozilla

Peter Morelli

diigolet feature req : simultaneous bookmark elsewhere - 135 views

ok, seems to work. Some comments: It doesn't always work (most of the time it does). I end up checking each time to make sure it saved. Some visual notification similar to the toolbar would be coo...

diigolet performance


the price to "GO PREMIUM" - 263 views

ممنون برای مطلب و وب سایت مفیدتون باتشکر افزایش فالوور ایرانی اینستاگرام از وب سایت ما دیدن فرمایید ارائه خدمات افزایش فالوور اینستاگرام افزایش فالوور اینستاگرام ضمانت برگش...

premium price

Maggie Tsai

New toolbars updated for everyone - 44 views

Fridemar, Thanks for reporting - noted. Fridemar & Ollitolli, Hey, soon you guys can "get connected" easily. Stay tuned :-)

news toolbar spam (electronic)

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