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Anish Patel

Show all my tags when saving post - 50 views

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started by Anish Patel on 11 Nov 08
  • Anish Patel
    In addition to the recommended tags that show when I am saving a new link, I'd also like to see all the tags I've already used.

    This is useful for me becuase instead of typing in the tags, I can point and click from my pre-existing tag cloud. (And, this is what I'm used to doing with delicious!)
  • Joel Liu
    I understand this need. But normally people have many tags, it's hard to put all tags in a small bookmark pop-up window and make it fast.
  • Joel Liu
    I did't see all tags in the delicious popup bookmark window. Did you mean the bookmark page in delicious site?
  • Anish Patel
    Notice that Delicious offers a few different bookmarklets:

    One type is the "Bookmark on Delicious (Full - Save)" - which will save the current page in full screen mode. The other is a popup style bookmarklet.

    The Full Screen version shows recommended tags, popular tags, my top tags (which actually shows my 200+ tags), and my Tag Bundles.

    The popup bookmarklet does not show "my top tags"; however, all my "tag bundle" tags are shown.


    If pulling all the tags is too slow, I'd at least like to see my top 50 or so tags added to the bookmarklet. Maybe the compromise is that you only load the top X tags initially and then load all tags with an expandable option that doesn't require all the tags to be pulled initially??
  • Joel Liu
    How about show your recent tags, let's say recent 50 tags , in the page?
  • Anish Patel
    Sure, that should suffice. I'd suspect the recent 50 tags would show what I was looking for 80-some percent of the time.

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