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Graham Perrin

Request: Options for forwarding annotated page - 14 views

sken frith wrote: > … consistent with options …  First: 1. the options are not well worded 2. presentation of options is inconsistent, they are sometimes hidden. Re: point 1 there is past dis...

Firefox forward annotation request suggestion inconsistency

Joel Liu

Forwarding - automaticly filling in a name - 23 views

Got it. I just added it in our to do list.



Do forwarded bookmarks have to be public? - 13 views

I'm also having the same problem. I annotated a page and sent it to a non-member. When he opened it, he saw my comment at the top, a link (supposedly to the annotated article), and the bulleted se...


Dr. Fridemar Pache

Two requests - 35 views

> Currently the social annotators are annoyed each time with the (small) task to always having to redefine >the system default of CommentPrivacy to 'public'. =================> How about allow th...

comment forward


Forwarding return address - 7 views

maggie_diigo wrote: > When you reply a forwarded message via diigo, it will be sending properly to the sender (email that the sender registered with), and not to Give that a ...


Maggie Tsai

forwarding - 9 views

juliette , When you sent forward, ddid you see a yellow "forwarded" message on the upper left corner? That only appears very briefly but it's an indication of whether the forward has been sent. ...

bug forward

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