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sken frith

Request: Options for forwarding annotated page - 14 views

Firefox forward annotation request suggestion inconsistency

started by sken frith on 10 Apr 09
  • sken frith
    Diigo toolbar
    Firefox 3.08
    Mac PPC OSX 10.5.6

    When forwarding an annotated page via Diigo toolbar > Send > to Email and Diigo Friends, all annotations are extracted and placed in the email as Quotes. Currently, there is only the option to include all quotes (all public annotations and user's private annotations) or no annotations. Please allow users the option to include only their annotations.*

    Interestingly, if you click "Rich formatting" in the compose window, a new page opens with a compose email interface. The Quotes in this message section only include the user's annotations. The Quotes behavior and options should be consistent between plain and rich text forwards.

    * This behavior would be consistent with options provided with Diigo toolbar > Send > Get Annotated Link and Diigo toolbar > Send > Extract Annotations. For both actions, the user can choose to show all annotations; or Only show my highlights and sticky notes (user's public and private annotations) and/or Don't show my private highlights and sticky notes (user's public annotations).
  • yc c
    There's a group for feature requests:

    I think you'll have more chances there.
  • sken frith
    Thanks 3spots c! I've posted this request in that forum.
  • Graham Perrin
    sken frith wrote:

    > … consistent with options … 


    1. the options are not well worded

    2. presentation of options is inconsistent, they are sometimes hidden.

    Re: point 1 there is past discussion but as Diigo group searches are failing, it's difficult for me to find the relevant topics.

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