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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Call Me What You Want

Call Me What You Want

How do you un-expand annotations in My Library? - 89 views

regression suggestion diigo v5 help annotations annotation expand collapse
  • Call Me What You Want
    I've tried Simple/Middle and Advanced (can't spot the difference btw) and after the annotations have been expanded, there doesn't appear to be a way to un-expand them.
  • Call Me What You Want
    a) and b) both fit.

    I use the content of my annotations for full-on skim references of the webpages.

    Mostly I do a) since as far as I know, there's no easy combination of bookmarks unless I make a list and delete it.

    Occassionally b) is useful if the browser built find can capture a specific text and the two bookmarks are on the same page.

    I'm not really why this needs to be separated though - the old Diigo did just fine using the button to expand and close and it was one of Diigo's unique features.
  • Call Me What You Want
    Oh ok. No problem.

    I thought it was related to the feature itself.

    I guess on my part I don't get why it had to be simpler. Diigo's old interface was really good if you avoided things like notes/library/groups and community.

    Now Diigo took away the one interface that made it easy to navigate other Diigo accounts and your own bookmarks with ease.

    I'm also not sure the price was worth it. For the other versions, Diigo had features to justify the design.

    This time everything seems more limited.

    Flash I think is removed.

    Image uploading was always there so it only risks confusing new users why it had to be separated.

    I still don't get notes.

    Not to be rude to the Diigo staff as they obviously provided a service that hasn't been quite copied so far but this time it really feels like Diigo went Facebook rather than simple.
Call Me What You Want

Bug/Highlights Broken: <script type="text/javascript"> document.observe('dom:loaded', f... - 11 views

started by Call Me What You Want on 01 Jan 10 no follow-up yet
Call Me What You Want

Show Highlighted Color in Diigo Library View + Where to get snapshots? - 39 views

suggestion highlight color preview question snapshots
  • Call Me What You Want
    First of all, congratulations on the new interface for v4.

    I went away from Diigo because eventually the readability of the highlights and the overall interface in v3 got to me. (Plus the lack of easy backing up of highlights still got to me.)

    I like how you added the colors and made the interface so you don't really need to constantly click on the toolbars to change colors but I am a bit surprised the colors didn't migrate when viewing the highlights in the Library.

    I like how it no longer uses a pure white background on black text though. It's just that I used the colors to make it much easier for me to segment the highlights as I rarely go directly to a site to view them.

    Also, I tried the snapshot button and it says something about having snapshots in the toolbar but I can't spot any button that says that. I can't spot any option on the Diigo toolbar help page image either.
  • Call Me What You Want
    Thanks. Yeah I saw the exact message in the snapshot page but as far as I can see, there's no button like that in the toolbar.

    With regards to the link, I'm getting the Error 404, no container specific problem. Not sure if it's just because I'm using NoScript but I do have permissions allowed although it is posting a "potential cross-site scripting" message.

    I didn't know Diigo had a feature request list. Do you happen to have the link?

    Personally, I'd prefer something more noticeable like icons based on the color or even an option to fill a certain highlight with a color while viewing the Library but that blue strip at the left edge of each highlight would be ideal to represent the actual colors of the highlight.
Graham Perrin

OT: how to make Diigo toolbar the lowest (nearest to content) in Firefox 3? - 66 views

Firefox toolbar help resolved
started by Graham Perrin on 16 Nov 08 no follow-up yet
  • Call Me What You Want
    Try this Firefox add-on:

    Another way I cheat this, is just hiding all but the main toolbar and just right click and enable the toolbar I want for the occassion.

    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > Slightly off-topic from Diigo Community†
    > Please, is it possible to make my Diigo toolbar the lowest (nearest to content) of a series of toolbars that have been added to Firefox?
    > I often need to use the ImageShack toolbar, in connection with Diigo forums.
    > I'm often confused/annoyed by the apparent absence of items from the Diigo toolbar, then I realise that I'm looking at the wrong toolbar.
    > PEBKAM ;) but I'd be much less likely to lose my way - bouncing from Safari to Firefox with an unpredictable arrangement of toolbars etc. and back again to Safari - if Diigolet was more comprehensive.
    > Back on topic: can toolbars in Firefox be ordered?
    > (I tried drag and drop whilst customising toolbars but that seemed to do nothing.)
    > ----
    > † I aimed for but there's no forum
Call Me What You Want

Was there always a cutoff limit to how much text you can put into sticky notes? - 33 views

sticky note annotation limit
started by Call Me What You Want on 20 Oct 08 no follow-up yet
Call Me What You Want

Interesting Bug (Possible FF Extension Conflict) - 53 views

bugs firefox bug add-on extension conflict resolved
  • Call Me What You Want
    I'm not really sure whether this is caused by an extension but I'm having erratic results with the Diigo page using Firefox.


    Going to my Groups would time out.

    Clicking Expand on My Bookmark page won't expand.

    Clicking Expand on Groups would expand.

    Anyone else having problems like these?

    I know it's a problem within Firefox because I'm using Chrome and Diigo is working fine over here.
  • Call Me What You Want
    P.S. Uninstalled a few add-ons and it seems to be fixed. Not sure if it ever conflicted with the site or the expand button just wouldn't work because Firefox was eating memory but I just thought I'd post it to alert my surprise that the Diigo page can be affected. (I used to think FF extensions conflicted with the other extensions only)
  • Call Me What You Want
    Yeah, I forgot about that factor. Sorry if I couldn't help pinpoint the extension that was causing the issue but I think it was probably a rare extension.

    I have several experimental extensions installed.

Opera Diigolet fails to save bookmarks - 64 views

started by Rachel on 20 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
  • Call Me What You Want
    It's been awhile since I used the Diigolet but as far as saving to multiple sites, don't think that works.

    I had no problem with saving bookmarks in the past but I didn't use it extensively enough to notice any difference.

    Rachel wrote:
    > Anyone?
    > Rachel wrote:
    > > Hello,
    > >
    > > I want to use Diigo to save bookmarks from within Opera. Problem is, the Diigolet fails to save the bookmarks every single time. I can't figure out a reason. I'm signed in and everything looks OK.
    > >
    > > In addition, I'm wondering if I use a Diigolet to save bookmarks (when it's working, of course) if it will automatically save to my other accounts as it does in the Firefox toolbar?
    > >
    > > Thanks in advance!
    > > Rae
Call Me What You Want

Tag Management - 37 views

suggestion tagedit
started by Call Me What You Want on 02 Oct 08 no follow-up yet
  • Call Me What You Want
    a. Option to have bigger tag input space in Diigo FF extension

    ---Right now it's still clunky once you start adding lots of tags because you can't see the ones you've previously inputted and can't resize the pop-up window

    b. Option to sort through only a set number of similar tags per bookmark unless other tags are unhidden

    ---Clustering made easier for people who don't have time. I almost always try to stick with a minimum of 6 tags because I'm afraid of tag hell but sometimes there are certain additional "minor" tags that might help in searching.
Ellen H.

excluding tags from search results - 278 views

question request searching tags syntax boolean help
started by Ellen H. on 15 May 08 no follow-up yet
  • Call Me What You Want
    I would also just like to add my support for this feature as I've also talked with someone who felt this feature was important.

    To be honest, I'm not sure whether a full export or this feature is the most sought after feature I've heard but both definitely seems to be must haves especially for a service as feature full as Diigo where people expect more powerful ways to handle all the data that they have saved.

    Ellen H. wrote:
    > Is there any way to exclude tags from a search? The more I use diigo, the more I find I need this--for instance, bookmarks from tag A but not tag B (ie, not also tagged B--to get a list of items tagged A, Tagged A and C, etc., but not A and B). The only option I can find in the advanced search is to exclude the word B everywhere--but I want some pages with the word B in them--just not if they are tagged B. Am I making sense?
    > If there is not currently a way to do this, I really hope one is implemented--as I said, it would be really useful.
Maggie Tsai

Sorry, busy lately - 85 views

started by Maggie Tsai on 18 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
  • Call Me What You Want
    Thanks for the heads up Maggie. It's at least refreshing to hear that Diigo feedback wasn't being totally abandoned.

    Maggie Tsai wrote:
    > Sorry, we've been busy preparing for an upcoming feature release and have not had time to reply the recent Q&A in the user forum lately.
    > Rest assured - we hear you and are working hard to make Diigo better and better. Will check in shortly after things settled down a bit.
    > Thanks for all your patience & continued support of Diigo! Again, if you think diigo is serving you well - help us spread the words :-)
Saxtus .

Hiding real name or at least using nickname under avatars - 90 views

alias avatar hide name nickname real username
started by Saxtus . on 19 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
  • Call Me What You Want
    It is possible because that was how the old Diigo used to work. Whether Diigo plans to move back to that model is still up to them.
Jesse Kim

Tools for Google Chrome? - 1520 views

chrome google_chrome Opera sidebar toolbar suggestion
started by Jesse Kim on 03 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
  • Call Me What You Want
    Allen Day wrote:
    > I've been wondering for a while now, using Opera--is there a bookmarklet to envoke a pseudo-sidebar as well? Would be great to have access to my bookmarks without having to navigate directly to diigo.

    Yes, bookmark your my bookmarks page and in the details, check show in panel and you should have your entry there.

    As you would see, it can be clunky because Diigo does not have mobile support and therefore shift + F11 (mobile view) does not work well so you have to struggle with navigating via scrolling.

    This is a case where it's more convenient to use Opera's nicks or putting your Diigo bookmark in the context menu so that you can much easier navigate there than deal with the sidebar problem.
Anne Emerick

Question about seeing highlighting or sticky on other computers - 38 views

started by Anne Emerick on 03 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
  • Call Me What You Want
    Hi Anne

    1) Send bookmarks, highlights, stickies can be found in the lower right section of each of your bookmarks with the word share plus a drop down arrow with several options on how to do that. I don't have a blog so I don't know how to do it for blogging. This feature can also be seen in the Diigo toolbar if you installed it on your Firefox.

    2) As long as you have the plugin on a browser, you pretty much have the same access as you would on your computer as long as you insert your login info. With the Diigolet (only Firefox and Flock supports the toolbar) I haven't found a way to highlight images and flash but pretty much the same. If you mean what highlights can you see when you aren't logged in, well none unless you get the annotated link which you can also see under share.
Call Me What You Want

Organizing Expand View Highlights and Sticky Notes - 40 views

annotation annotations sticky note stickynote suggestion
started by Call Me What You Want on 02 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
  • Call Me What You Want
    I'm not sure when it changed and I thought it worked differently before but after viewing one of my highlighted text from the expand view, I saw that the highlights with sticky notes took higher priority than my first highlight and this messed up my reading as I often highlight and annotate these texts to get a cliff notes view of the article and when the stickied highlight with notes becomes the first entry, it totally messes up the reading order.

Julian Knight

ENHANCEMENT REQUEST: Stumble Upon - 56 views

  • Call Me What You Want
    Hi Jules, I'm not really sure what's up with Diigo's sync bookmarking system right now so I doubt this feature would be implemented soon.

    When v3 came out, it reduced many of the supported services and now this group doesn't get as fast a reply as it used to.

    It could be just slowing down but I used to remember seeing Maggie or Joel responding more often to basic questions like these.

    More services should honestly be a good thing in general and I doubt you'll get much argument against that. Stumbleupon's a pretty popular service.
  • Call Me What You Want
    Same here. Please send me a message if you ever find a replacement because Diigo was a dream come true to me when I first found it.

    I don't even know how to make a backup because the bookmarks aren't what attracted me to it but the way it made the important snippets easier to reread when I'm browsing my bookmarks because the snippets are inside the bookmark list as oppose to needing to click on the link and all and the interface were just user friendlier to me than other services like clipmarks or evernote.

    To be honest, I'm not calling it doom and gloom just yet because I don't know how quiet the Diigo groups was prior from v1 to v2 and when I joined v2, Diigo was already in the process of going v3 which added alot more hype and conversation within the groups and after that, there was still Webslides to be announced so maybe that added to the noise and it's just dying down but it definitely wouldn't hurt to look for a replacement. At the very least, at least you have another place that might listen to your suggestion.
Call Me What You Want

Friend Request Needs Work - 36 views

bugs suggestion bug
started by Call Me What You Want on 31 Aug 08 no follow-up yet

Adding Offline Information to Lists - 90 views

  • Call Me What You Want
    "I was going to send you a message requesting if you could update me when you find a way to add offline information to your Diigo without the limitations (from the topic you made at the group) but I wasn't allowed to send you a message so here I am asking to be your friend."

    I apologize for posting my message here but I wasn't allowed to send you a message and I kept getting a captcha error when requesting to be friends.
  • Call Me What You Want
    Thanks. Already done that. Btw what was on Mia's link? Couldn't access it.

    wordsmith wrote:
    > I haven't found one. I intend to post a solution to this thread when I do. In the meantime, you can enable email notification for this topic. Just click on "Enable" on the bottom right corner of this box.
snulyk snul

are my bookmarked pages saved in diigo? - 66 views

started by snulyk snul on 20 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
  • Call Me What You Want
    If you mean whether your highlights and annotations will be preserved, they should be except for your videos.

    I'm not sure whether Diigo's cached page works 100% though since I haven't tried it and I might have read something about it not working in the past though I can't be sure.
Call Me What You Want

Reference Error: $ is not defined - 45 views

bugs firefox bug
started by Call Me What You Want on 20 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
  • Call Me What You Want
    Not sure if this has anything to do with Autopager since it's the only add-on I have installed since then but I'm getting this error when trying to reply to the forum.

    I did try replying with it disable but same thing happens.
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