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Oliver S.

Does Diigo work with the official, released version of FireFox 3.0? - 332 views

It works great for me. I am also very impressed that Diigo has already incorporated the tags that can now be assigned to bookmarks in Firefox 3 into the Diigo toolbar bookmark import feature. After...

diigo firefox help resolved

Tom Tullio

Diigo warning me of redirection - 93 views

The error appears on my PC at home: - XP Home SP2 - Firefox - Diigo toolbar 1.0.2007081101 - no other Firefox extensions installed - ZoneAlarm 7.0.337.000 (I have tried it with the firewa...


Call Me What You Want

Interesting Bug (Possible FF Extension Conflict) - 53 views

Yeah, I forgot about that factor. Sorry if I couldn't help pinpoint the extension that was causing the issue but I think it was probably a rare extension. I have several experimental extension...

bugs firefox bug add-on extension conflict resolved

Joel Liu

Firefox toolbar corruption - 18 views

We try to solve any conflicts. Could you send your profile to us, we will look into it and find out what happened. To send us the profile, follow steps in

conflict corruption diigo extension firefox toolbar

Konrad Klimaszewski

Diigo conflicts with vimperator addon - 123 views

I've reported it on the vimperator bug tracker. And we've got a nice workaround (that was fast I might add :)) :sty -n diigo chrome://* #diigotb-upload-msg {... Firefox 3.0.11 3.5 vimperator 2.1 conflict bug


How to resolve conflict in marriage - 0 views

    It's true that some ups and downs come in all relationship as same in a marriage relationship, so couple's should take a patience and durability and resolve a conflict.  But ...

How to Rekindle a Relationship after a Break Up - 0 views

    Every relationship is in crisis and conflict. It does depend on people that how they do deal with all conflict and save their relation from separation and
Jerry Wang

Diigo seems to conflict with Download statusbar - 10 views

Sometimes I can't open "add bookmarklet to Diigo" window to add tag to the webpage. after a test of plugin conflict, it seems to conflict with firefox plugin "download statusbar". the following is...


started by Jerry Wang on 17 Oct 10 no follow-up yet
Joel Liu

conflict with switchproxy extension - 15 views

Hi troycauble: I am sorry for the slow response on this issue. We decided to redesign the toolbar and solve all kinds of conflicts, so it costs us more time. You can use diigolet (http://w...

conflict extension firefox switchproxy


Russia-Ukraine conflict War is not a substitute for peace and prosperity Shah Rukh's ol... - 0 views

    invaded Ukraine, creating the worst conflict and humanitarian crisis in decades in Europe.
The Pristinity

hide other people's annotations - 91 views

Thanks for the file. I've just reverted. As for the problem, it just means I can't open Gmail manager at all. While it still appears to check emails regularly, when I click on it to open my inbox,...

annotations hide

Maggie Tsai

Updated toolbar still conflicts with colorful tabs - 14 views

Hi Sue, When we have a chance, we will take a look - if it's a quick fix and if we have time, will do it. But no guarantee that we will be able to get to it. Please understand that it's quite ...

conflict firefox toolbar

Graham Perrin

toolbar of Diigolet 4.0b14 conflicts with PDF produced from within Safari by Evernote 1... - 26 views

Seems to happen every time. Visible in another (unrelated) screen shot at

inerop conflict Diigolet 4.0b14 Evernote Safari gpd4


Will the escalation of the Russian-Uzbek conflict with NATO use force against Russia? - 0 views

    planning to prosecute Russia in the International Court of Justice, threatening to end the friendly treaty with Russia, sanctioning some companies and individuals in Russia, raids and searches for domestic relations with Russian Orthodox Church The church, the military exercise in the Russian-Ukrain

Zimbabw's election triggered at least three deaths in street conflict - 0 views

    Overseas Network August 2nd Local time On August 1st, Zimbabwe's opposition party's supporters, protested on the streets, and at least three people were killed in the protest.

The West is called Russia to prepare for a large-scale conflict. China's participation ... - 0 views

    Russia will hold the largest military exercise after the Cold War, the Western media was scared by the details of the Oriental-2018 military exercise introduced by Russian Defense Minister Shoygu: 300000 troops, tens of thousands of tanks Thousands of warplanes and various types of missiles

400 prisoners in hostile armed conflict in Libyas capital - 0 views

    security situation in Tripoli has plummeted due to the recent fighting between hostile forces. A local judicial official said that the United Nations has appealed to the warring parties to hold a meeting on Tuesday. The official said that the prisoners opened the door to the Ezal prison when the sit

Australia finally understands: We are the only US ally who cannot contact China - 0 views

    Australia has finally made it clear that we are the only US allies that cannot be in contact with China. Bob Carl, former Australian Foreign Minister, issued such an emotion. He said: Our position should be to have full diplomatic contact with China. Conflict between the United States and china
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