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Call Me What You Want

Interesting Bug (Possible FF Extension Conflict) - 53 views

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started by Call Me What You Want on 15 Oct 08
  • Call Me What You Want
    I'm not really sure whether this is caused by an extension but I'm having erratic results with the Diigo page using Firefox.


    Going to my Groups would time out.

    Clicking Expand on My Bookmark page won't expand.

    Clicking Expand on Groups would expand.

    Anyone else having problems like these?

    I know it's a problem within Firefox because I'm using Chrome and Diigo is working fine over here.
  • Call Me What You Want
    P.S. Uninstalled a few add-ons and it seems to be fixed. Not sure if it ever conflicted with the site or the expand button just wouldn't work because Firefox was eating memory but I just thought I'd post it to alert my surprise that the Diigo page can be affected. (I used to think FF extensions conflicted with the other extensions only)
  • Joel Liu
    Thanks! Maybe some javascript codes in the website were affected by the extension.
  • Call Me What You Want
    Yeah, I forgot about that factor. Sorry if I couldn't help pinpoint the extension that was causing the issue but I think it was probably a rare extension.

    I have several experimental extensions installed.

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