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Graham Perrin

Sharing a snapshot - 31 views

> snapshot image … on my blog If your blog service does not allow uploading of images, I should recommend an image sharing service. FWIW I'm very pleased with the feature set, and integration, of ...

screenshot snapshot

Graham Perrin

Show Highlighted Color in Diigo Library View + Where to get snapshots? - 39 views

> didn't know Diigo had a feature request list In this group, Diigo Community: - see

suggestion highlight color preview question snapshots

Graham Perrin

Suggestion: Snapshot maintaining layout & enterprise plans/features - 7 views

> SSL, Storage, encrypted storage... Please enable e-mail notification for: (2008-04-13), Save Elsewhere should use SSL security http://gr...

diigo features suggestion

Graham Perrin

How do snapshots get saved? - 98 views

> do the diigo servers connect to the page I am saving > and capture the HTML and screenshot? Again, to the best of my knowledge: * the version that is 'Grabbed by Diigo robot' is a   single s...

Diigo help Firefox snapshot save local archive cache


Confused with capture, snapshot, etc. - 15 views

There are two different scenarios. 1)When create a bookmark on IE or FF, you can choose "cache" in " more options". Once the option chosen, the current webpage will be uploaded to our servers. The...


Search in Snapshot not working - 33 views

I am looking into this issue.

bug assigned search snapshot

Graham Perrin

snapshot - freeze frame of diigo activity on a page - 43 views

This is an interesting thought, though not sure how many people will really have this snapshot need. We'll discuss it here. Not exactly an "snapshot" at a given time, but you can make use of th...

print snapshot webslides suggestion

Tyme 2.0

PREMIUM : alternative to no more SNAPSHOT : the counter - 223 views

so, the answer is basic plan

diigo suggestion premium snapshot

Anonymous User

"Diigo: A server error has occured. Your upload failed. Please try again later." - 143 views

In my experience (using Firefox only rarely, for testing): * rare and temporary.

bug diigo

Graham Perrin

Snapshots not working - 20 views

> See For me, too, presents no content for the 2010-06-23 robot cached copy.

Diigo Snapshot Help

Graham Perrin

an easier route from a library page (of many bookmarks) to a page that focuses on a sin... - 28 views

Even better: Snapshot - Context - Edit - Delete - Share▼ — preview is integral to the contextual (Diigo Meta) view — already, the snapshots page leads to the Diigo Meta page (a...

orientation UI GUI wording suggestion library meta bookmark menu share gpd4 973002 978264 981897


Can't snapshot using Diigolet on Explorer - 24 views

Diigolet does not have the feature of snapshot. It's a simplified edition of diigo toolbar. Can you download other extensions successfully? BTW,what's the download software you use? We cannot repro...

Diigolet Explorer Snapshot

Tomas N

Uploads to Diigo caches from for Firefox: PNG versions are missing - 27 views

They moved the PNG snapshots to the toolbar under the 'capture' icon and renamed them to "capture entire page". If you look on the firefox extension changelog, its mentioned there (https://addons.m...

bug cache snapshot premium Mozilla Firefox gpd4

Graham Perrin

Snapshots - Where are they saved and where can they be saved? - 74 views

I'm excited about the snapshot tool as a way to back up my personal writing clips. However, I'm wondering if these are saved to Diigo's servers or if I can backup snapshots to my own machine? Backi...

diigo snapshots backup archival snapshot archive cache local suggestion

Graham Perrin

Snapshots: the WebArchive option (for users of Safari and other browsers, and more) - 93 views

Re (2010-09-18), Uploads to Diigo caches from for Firefox: PNG versions are missing Whilst PNG snapshots are unavailable &mdas...

WebArchive format class snapshot archive cache local remote upload PNG HTML suggestion gpd4

Tyme 2.0

No more image in some manually "cached" bookmark ! ...why ? - 31 views

well .. I see in my " Cached page I uploaded" 2 links : - webpage : no image - screenshot : with image please explain why / how does it work ( ? ) ( I'm lost ! )

Diigo snapshot cached image bug


Archiving expanded Facebook pages - 6 views

I've just installed Diigo in hopes that it will allow me to archive/snapshot a very long Facebook page in its entirety, fully expanded. Facebook, after there are two comments to a post, hides many ...

facebook archive snapshot

started by teschek on 13 May 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Mediactive » Two Tools for Archiving Web Pages - 16 views

  • Tools for Archiving Web Pages
  • by Josh Sprague
  • Diigo
  • ...13 more annotations...
  • Internet research
  • many interesting things
  • collaborators
  • snapshot
  • What Diigo calls a screenshot
  • October 7th, 2009
  • the user can still search and highlight the text
    • Graham Perrin
      Maybe some confusion? A single snapshot comprises an HTML file and a PNG (screen shot), both cached. The snapshot page defaults to an HTML version. Texts within HTML cached copies are indexed, and can be searched; and cached HTML content is used for the underlying part of an annotated view, but: * it is not (or should not be) possible to draw new Diigo highlights across cached copies.
  • is a cached version
  • PositivePress
  • priced high for those only interested in page archival
  • impressive
  • a one-button approach
  • searchable, cached
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