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snulyk snul

are my bookmarked pages saved in diigo? - 66 views


started by snulyk snul on 20 Aug 08
  • snulyk snul
    there's something i dont understand. when i bookmark something, if the site where the bookmarked page is closed - will i lose all my info? or is it possible for diigo to save the pages?

    im sure there's an explanatiuon somewhere, but i cant fin it...

    thanks alot.
  • Call Me What You Want
    If you mean whether your highlights and annotations will be preserved, they should be except for your videos.

    I'm not sure whether Diigo's cached page works 100% though since I haven't tried it and I might have read something about it not working in the past though I can't be sure.
  • yc c
    I feel as if I have quit a lot of old bookmarks missing, when I browse on old webpages that I must have bookmarked, diigolet dialog is empty.

    I synchronize Diigo with delicious as backup, so to be sure I checked delicious... and it was there.
    But then again, I used to use delicious so maybe it was from before...

    So just to be sure, I'd advise you to also Save to delicious
  • Graham Perrin
    Please provide an example of a URL that you think you bookmarked.

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