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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Array Suh

Array Suh

Tools - 14 views

shared by Array Suh on 04 Jul 11 - Cached
  • Awesome Screensho
    • Array Suh
      Please Version up for Firefox 5.
Array Suh

Diigo Toolbar doesn't display on Firefox 3.0.4,Ubuntu 8.10 - 161 views

firefox toolbar diigo Ubuntu compatibility bug resolved
  • Array Suh
    Diigo toolbar doesn't appear Firefox toolbar.
    Firefox version is 3.0.4 and OS is Ubuntu 8.10.
    Toolbar version is newest.
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  • Array Suh
    > or
    > > Diigo toolbar doesn't appear Firefox toolbar.
    > Firefox | View menu | Toolbars
    > Diigo Menu
    > - should be selected (ticked).
    Yes,it has checked already.

    Other toolbar is appeared(bookmark and navigation tool bar)

    Perhaps it is Ubuntu and Firefox's bug?
    I will hear Ubuntu forum,too.
    > I'll try in Firefox in VirtualBox…
  • Array Suh
    Ubuntu forum member say "Tab Mix Plus and Diigo Toolbar with no works"
    and I confirm.
  • Array Suh
    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > Which of the two add-ons (Diigo Toolbar, Tab Mix Plus) did you install first?
    I tried Diigo Toolbar first,and TMP next. and TMP first,and Diigo Toolbar second,but Diigo toolbar is disapeared.

    > What's your installed version of Tab Mix Plus?

    > Might you disable Tab Mix Plus?
    Yes,disabled TMP,Diigo Toolbar is appeaed and worked.
  • Array Suh
    Joel Liu wrote:
    > I can use both Tab Mix Plus( and Diigo Toolbar( in windows XP.
    Yes,I use WinXP,and TMP and Diigo toolbar is appeared and worked/

    > BTW, what's your browser theme?
    > Thanks
  • Array Suh
    I use "Tab Control" Add-on,so this problem solved.
    It doesn't feel odd.
Array Suh

Kaspersky is blocked toolbar's bokkmark tag - 78 views

kaspersky toobar
  • Array Suh
    I use Kaspersky Internet Security.When i make bookmark with diigo toolbar,Kaspersky blocks Recomended Tag.

    How do I do?
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  • Array Suh
    Joel Liu wrote:
    > Is there any way to enable all traffic from diigo in Kaspersky?
    Yes,toolbar works well.Only recomended tag area displays "Loading recommended tags".So Kaspersky secure mode stop,recommended tag is displayed.
  • Array Suh
    Japanese Kaspersky support wrote "You look at firewall setting",but Diigo toolbar is not appeard application section.
  • Array Suh
    Kaspersky was updated,perhaps,so Diigo Toolbar works well again.
Array Suh

"Blog This" setting is not changeable - 19 views

blogthis change
started by Array Suh on 29 Sep 07 no follow-up yet
  • Array Suh
    I set up "Blog This". But I want to set Blog service is Movable Type,but setted MetaWeblog.
    My Blog service,Jugem,is supoorted both,but I want to set to Movable type.
    I deleted and setted again,but not changed.
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