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importing Google notebooks? nothing happened - 26 views

Oh, so I wasn't the only one this was happening to? I guess that's some consolation. But now to work with what I've got here...

bug assigned google_notebooks importing import list Google Notebook performance

Sue Cifelli

Tagging of imported bookmarks - 41 views

> exported bookmark. Exported from where, and when? The usual: details such as operating system, browser etc. will be helpful. > I marked them as private in case there was a problem with the i...

tags-related importing tag data map export import help

Graham Perrin

Problem importing bookmarks - how long does it take? - 164 views

Beth Given wrote: > What should I tell her? ghagerer wrote: > suffering from the same problems (It's not likely that the problem is the same.) To any user of Mozilla Firefox who reads this...

importing problem import bookmarks bug

Heather Dowd

Google Notebook Import... - 91 views

Nope. I never did see any of mine.

Google Notebook importing bug

Richard Sheppard

Re-importing from - 62 views

Thanks Joel! Thanks for reminding me about the -> diigo issue. I have invited the people who send me links in to Diigo, but .... leading a horse to water .... Cheers, Ric... import importing duplicates Delicious

Alexandre Enkerli

Importing from (Shoebox)? - 41 views

I've been using as my main social bookmarking service. As I give Diigo a try, I'm looking for a way to import my content into Diigo. However, I haven't found a way to import the c...

facebook html importing plum rss

started by Alexandre Enkerli on 18 May 08 no follow-up yet
Ellen H.

Renaming account name - 74 views

Sorry, we don't have this feature:(. However, you can edit your real name( ) with any name you want.

account bookmarks importing nenaming

march j

Import from Simpy - 71 views

hi! Maggie Tsai wrote: > Should be fixed now. Please double check to confirm. in the last weeks i tried multiple times to import my 240 bookmarks from simpy. but they are not imported. either on...

import importing simpy

Joel Liu

import not working - 38 views

Hi, It was caused by tag database upgrading. It's ok now. Please check it. Thanks.

import importing

started by Itinerant Trypsy on 17 Nov 07 no follow-up yet
Maggie Tsai

Moving all diigo bookmarks to another diigo account? - 95 views

Similar to all major services like gmail, our username is an unique ID -- since a lot of data are based on that, any change will impact lots of data in the database and could potentially cause une...

diigo importing username

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