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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Wade Ren

mike li

Diigo Library panel eats up my browser space - how to remove? - 105 views

diigo help firefox toolbar
  • Wade Ren
    Actually, once you close the sidebar (see the arrow on the top right corner?), it will stay closed until you open it again. So really should be no hassle.
  • Wade Ren
    accessing that snapshot requires log-in
Wade Ren

Web Searches, DOE, and Diigo-Oh My! « Amy's Blog - 4 views

  • Bookmarks and favorites were all that I knew, Until I began studying EME5050’s module # 2! I explored Delicious to share and store my websites But decided to go with Diigo, because it looked and felt “right” A few pros about Diigo that intrigued me so— Was how easy it looked to research and grow! Collaboration could be one click away, To share information with a group any day. I also liked that Diigo could be shared all around I see myself sharing bookmarks and websites I’ve found. One more feature of Diigo that I find cool, Is the highlighting and note-taking tool! It will allow me to highlight with care, While the website can be open to share. So I have found a new way for my bookmarks to store, And I feel like this is opening a door. I am allowing other professionals to share in turn, While I’m building a bond with others to grow and learn.
Marco Díaz Calleja

How to edit profile? (Not so obvious) - 193 views

help bug profile edit
started by Marco Díaz Calleja on 25 Dec 09 no follow-up yet
Tyme 2.0 liked it
  • Wade Ren
    go to your profile, "edit profile" link is on the top of the page. You cannot miss it.
Wade Ren

Decoding Diigo « Harsh's Blog - 5 views

  • There is no question that Diigo beats all social bookmarking services hands down. What Google is for search engines, Diigo is for social bookmarking. Diigo has got something for everybody, whether you are a casual surfer, a researcher or an enterprise, their services cover just about everything you could ask from a Web2.0 app. Bookmarking, sharing, blogging, knowledge base management, team collaboration or presentation … they have given much more than we could desire from a single app.

Is there a bookmark limit/storage limit? - 261 views

Diigo limit help bookmark
started by S N on 12 Dec 09 no follow-up yet
Wade Ren

Service I'm Thankful For: Diigo - 3 views

  • There aren’t many tech products I would consider myself dedicated to. I change browsers at least weekly, keep at least one Mac, one Windows machine and one Linux PC around at all times and a two-year cell phone commitment can seem like a prison sentence by month six. I’m also not the kind of guy who gives glowing reviews, everything is usually tempered with a mix of good and bad, an attempt to find balance and deeper understanding. But there is at least one service that I am truly grateful for, Diigo. You see, when most people think of social bookmarking, they think of Delicious due to its popularity. However, for me and my specific needs, Diigo has been a savior, providing a much-needed service that’s simple, reliable and attractive. If I’m going to rave about any service I use, Diigo would be it and as the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving, I want to celebrate one of my favorite tech services and how much it has helped me.
Wade Ren

Still Learning: Next Installment on Diigo - 4 views

  • This is only one example of many where they read each other's ideas and built their own thoughts on them. I was thrilled. We started class the next day just skimming the play -- I asked them to notice who had a moral dilemma so far just by looking at where the annotations were. They could SEE that every character so far had some kind of dilemma. We were on a roll ...
  • Our work started out well. We read in class a section of Antigone, and that night, they annotated spots where they saw characters developing moral dilemmas (these dilemmas are our entry point into the play -- we will eventually write compare/contrast essays on modern moral dilemmas and what we can learn from ancient dilemmas -- more on that later!). Here is an example of one of their comment threads (with their typos and all!) on this quote from Antigone to Ismene, "Yes, I'll do my duty to my brother -- / and your as well, if you're not prepared to. / I won't be caught betraying him.
Wade Ren

Social Bookmarking in Plain English! (How is this TWO years old?!?) | Welcome to NCS-Tech! - 0 views

  • Diigo is the first web 2.0 tool I shared with my new colleagues and they have *loved* it! We’re going to set up groups for each of our PLCs to share links and discussions.
Jean-Lou Dupont

Auto-Hide toolbar - 102 views

toolbar hide help suggestion
started by Jean-Lou Dupont on 01 Jun 09 no follow-up yet
Mr Goerend

Replicate "read it later" functionality from Firefox extension in Safari? - 131 views

safari read later unread not read script JavaScript API help application programming interface
started by Mr Goerend on 08 Jun 09 no follow-up yet
  • Wade Ren
    we cannot do a full safari toolbar. but we may offer another bookmarklet specifically for "Read later".

    what do you think?
Wade Ren

Kinda Learning Stuff: Delicious vs. diigo - 10 views

  • see if you find Delicious slightly less delicious after using Diigo for a couple of weeks!
Wade Ren

When Things Go Right | Nebraska Change Agent - 1 views

  • Once the students logged into their accounts they were mesmorized. I pulled up the Wikipedia page on the Dust Bowl which I had added sticky notes to. One student asked if students could add notes or comment on the notes that others have left. They started talking about all of the ways they see this being used in our classroom. It was difficult to get me students to leave at the end of the day. A couple of them stayed several minutes after the end of the day to keep exploring.
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