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"I Don't Have Time to Learn About Technology, I'm Too Busy" - 45 views

    Recently one of my friends has explained why he doesn't use Diigo and other technology resources - his answer was absolutely the same like on this image!
    see about it maybe you can get alot of information about tecnologi
Graham Perrin

Effect of the Depression on Technology - O'Reilly Radar - 2 views

  • this recession will be good for innovation because recessions generally are
  • A recession means technologists cease to be paid vast amounts to duplicate the work of others
  • low-cost high-impact physical events we've created (Ignite, hacker meetups, coworking spaces, foo/bar camps) will thrive
  • ...20 more annotations...
  • agree that tough times foster innovation
  • @gregor's point about cultural activities increasing in Argentina during their 2001 recession sounds like an indicator in favour of open source
  • We are dealing with this as I will be graduating from college and entering the job market
  • I will be a hacker housewife and improve my skills while taking care of husband and home
  • innovation is a cultural effect within companies and cannot be turned on or off due to economic conditions
  • if the company has a traditional mindset
  • then innovation is going to be an uphill climb regardless of how many great ideas are floating around
  • a Fortune 500 company
  • clearly defined ROI
  • also those companies who attempt to clean up the mess government is going to make. The regulations that come out of the current crisis are going to be draconian
  • The additional costs of compliance will also affect new launches and IPOs due to the additional costs, so there is another negative drag on innovation, or at least the monetization of those innovations
  • a social network that harnesses its members to contribute to open source projects? Instead of playing facebook games or posting pics of yourself wasted at the latest party, get the members to commit to donating that extra time to a small piece of a large open source project
  • benefit from a legion of even poorly skilled members if given clear directions
  • qualified peer review
  • use it as a learning process
  • Help others by online mentoring in resource-challenged places, etc.
  • We can afford to devote maybe 10-20% of our time to open source
  • the truth is I put in 20-30 hours a week in the evenings, mornings and week ends to make the big pushes happen
  • sweat equity
    • Graham Perrin
      I like that expression - sweat equity
  • Everyone puts in extra time
    Diigo community thoughts on (at least) the highlighted points will be greatly appreciated. If you can, make your sticky notes public; the highlights will be shared with other interested groups. Thanks!
Wade Ren

diigo? | Alex's reflecting pool - 0 views

  • I believe there is something very powerful  in this tool. I am in the process evaluating it for instructional and professional development purposes. So far these are my thoughts: I think I can easily mark up online student work with this tool. I think online students can mark up each other’s online work with this tool. and discuss. One of the course activities is to use a rubric to evaluate an online course that the students will each be building as the main project for the course. The course review, I think, can be done using diigo. I think… not sure yet. Online students can easily create annotated bibliographies of web resource in directed learning activities AND share and discuss them with others in the class. This resource can grow and be available for the online course from term to term. In addition, for webenhanced courses, this is an awesome, easy, slick, cool way to incorporate some very cool online enhancements to a f2f course that completely bypasses all the extra unnecessary flotsam you get with a full on CMS/LMS. you get a lot of functional features bang for the “buck” in this tool. It is a slick tool with a lot of functionality to suport interaction/collaboration, etc. When i have my university administrator’s hat on i also see great potential as a tool to facilitate and enhance community and for professional development. I have an extended staff of 50-100 online instructional designers that i could use this tool with to aggregate links and info and resources and networking. We have over 3,000 online faculty that we could use this with to support them with info and resources and networking - differenciating between the needs of new online faculty and experienced online faculty… there is potential for discipline specific resources and info for online faculty… and it goes on.
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