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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Frederik Van Zande

Frederik Van Zande

"Original Size" links for images not working - 39 views

bug redirect problem image original size error diigo v5 Amazon S3
  • Frederik Van Zande
    The "original size" links on the uploaded or shared images don't work. You get redirected to new page, where you see standard dimensions of a picture that doesn't load. If I want to visit the picture on a new tab, I get a message from that the link doesn't exist.
  • Frederik Van Zande
    I've tried with Google Chrome 5 & Firefox 3.6. Operating system is Windows XP Pro (32bit).
    But I don't think it's a browser problem as I can't see it with any of them.
    Your examples show fine, mine don't have an original size.


    I got the images on diigo by uploading. (not with the capture toolbar on firefox toolbar)
Frederik Van Zande

import ma.gnolia bookmarks - 111 views

bookmarks import ma.gnolia support
  • Frederik Van Zande
    I've tried a couple times importing my Ma.gnolia bookmarks, but everytime without any result.

    I get the status of the import action, but it never goes father then the first bar you immediatly see.

    after 10-15 minutes, I get a refresh of the page & I just see my bookmarks on diigo.

    Is this a known issue ?

    Is it because I want to import around 2000 bookmarks ?

    is their another way to get my ma.gnolia bookmarks in here ?

    regardz, Fré
  • Frederik Van Zande
    I tried that, but it doesn't import bookmark tags in Firefox, neither IE.

    now I have an html file, outputted from ma.gnolia that contains those tags
    A List Apart: Articles: Sign Up Forms Must Die

    a good round up of when to make people fill in a form before having a full account on your website - gradual engagement

    . Is there a way to directly get those bookmarks with tags into it.

    I usually give +7 tags for each bookmark.
  • Frederik Van Zande
    If you want I can send you my ma.gnolia bookmarks file, so you may beta test it on me.

    I really like this concept & site, but as long as I don't get all my hard work in it, I'll hardly use it.
    One of the main advantages of this platform is that it simultaneously let's you save a bookmark to diig & magnolia. This really made me choose to try it out.

    Joel Liu wrote:
    > We are developing a importing from file feature. Hopefully, you can use this feature 2 weeks later.
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