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Graham Perrin

Search Diigo users of interest: advanced - 26 views

  • By Name or Email By Tags By Site By URL
  • Advanced
    Search Diigo users of interest Search Diigo users of interest
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    @ yuppi c I'm curious. Did you: a) easily find your way to the second type of search in Diigo 4.0 beta or b) not find your way? Tags: orientation, syntax
    @Graham - Tried to reproduce how I came here but, forgot... I just fell on it somehow. Again I can't find this page without using my local bookmark. This is the kind of page you usually get to by clicking somewhere near any search fields - from any Diigo page - but I don't see any. How do you get to 'user search'?
    Related bookmarks and topics: Search Diigo users of interest: by name or e-mail (2010-03-21) Search Diigo users of interest: By Site versus By URL: inconsistency
Graham Perrin

limit search to specific user's bookmarks - 45 views

> simple boolean support +1 Please enable e-mail notification for

search bookmark user tag OR help syntax

Lamarck Jean

Search just in highlighted bookmarks - 10 views

Try the syntax suggested at Regards Graham

highlight howto search syntax help

Graham Perrin

Find my own group forum posts - 446 views

Reviewing this topic following the major upgrade from Diigo 3 beta to Diigo 4.0 beta, and considering the unified approach to bookmarks and topics within groups: If a single search could span mult...

forums groups search group syntax help 553724 585941 990773

Soul Book

Questions about diigo from a newbie about search and recommended tag - 100 views

It sure seems to for me. if i search for a common word then i get lots of results, which aren't included in the tags, title or description. So i guess it must be searching the cached versions. ...

review 20091015 search recommend tags tag-related syntax

Graham Perrin

Rapid results from My Bookmarks with the search field in Safari (Diigo search menu cust... - 33 views

1. UK is better for me, I wonder how to vary the US examples above. 2. A few of the products that allow you to customise search behaviour in your browser: Inquisitor http://www.inqu...

review search syntax help hint tip experiment gpd4

Oliver S.

Advanced search removed? - 220 views

The "Advanced search" is back in Diigo v4.0. You can find it at: You can also find a link to the "Advanced search" in Diigo after you selected one o...

resolved advanced_search feature search-feature search help syntax

Graham Perrin

Search Group Topics: results should include tags that match the search string - 66 views

> Search Group Topics: results should include tags that match the search string > the feature seems to be AWOL :) Reviewing this topic following the major upgrade from Diigo 3 beta to Diigo 4.0 ...

resolved tag search syntax suggestion

Graham Perrin

Diigo search for a word fails to find the word in my public sticky note - 50 views

Reviewing this bug following the major upgrade from Diigo 3 beta to Diigo 4.0 beta works as expected. Tag: resolved

resolved sticky note search syntax bug

Graham Perrin

full-text search of Diigo-cached content - 106 views

Side notes 1. If issues are found when this topic is reviewed, consider in which the cache of a supposedly crawled page is not presented. 2...

review 20091008 cache search syntax help bug gpd4

Graham Perrin

Good Example Annotated Pages "in the wild" ? - 47 views

Credit to Scott Allam for identifying some busy Diigo Groups; and to Sean Brady for alerting me to search syntax wisdom. AFAIR whilst in a Diigo Groups Bookmarks interface, a c:think in...

annotations examples search syntax help resolved

Graham Perrin

Searching for Comments & Highlights - 220 views

Bug > Search titles, tags, annotations, URLs and snapshots > VirusBarrier family fails to find my bookmark of http://blog.i...

bug resolved search syntax comment highlight

Graham Perrin

How do I search for bookmarks with "tag1 OR tag2 OR tag3..."? - 268 views

> It is useful to see the number of people who bookmarked an item.

search tags help syntax boolean

Graham Perrin

full-text searching in Diigo forum? - 159 views

davido wrote: > good idea! do you know how long that google-lagtime actually is? No, sorry, unfortunately I don't know how long that lagtime is.

forum full-text search Google boolean help suggestion syntax

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