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Chris Lott

limit search to specific user's bookmarks - 45 views

search bookmark user tag OR help syntax

started by Chris Lott on 19 Aug 09
  • Graham Perrin
    Chris Lott wrote:

    > Unfortunately, OR is exactly what I need. I should have been clearer... AND search was easy.

    Sorry, I should have checked your profile and contributions before offering such a basic and off-topic answer. highlights your interest in social software and Internet technologies.

    Questions re: OR are worthy, but surprisingly rare.

    > This kind of inconsistency

    Generalising (to reduce the sense of inconsistency):

    * advanced search syntax is effective in one's own library of bookmarks

    * in other areas of Diigo, searches are simplified

    There are wishes (shared by me) for improved search across all areas of Diigo, to include messaging and other UIs. However: IMHO it's appropriate to first increase the sense of coherence between the various areas then build an improved search infrastructure based upon users' reactions.

    > plus the glacial pace of development

    > back to Delicious!

    In Diigo areas, which are many and varied:

    * the pace is probably greater than readers of this group can guess.

    In the Delicious area (debatably less feature-rich than Diigo):

    *"fresh".html reminds us that the development period for Fresh was over seven months.

    > and constant bugs

    Critical bugs are prioritised.

    > delays

    Development of software, services and public APIs — to interoperate with third party APIs — is naturally not rushed.

    > and slow indexing

    Agree, wholeheartedly.

    My stock expression is something like, "search failures are never acceptable" and alongside that, my assumption is that issues relating to indexing and search should be close to top priority. (Top priority for me = privacy and security.)

    On the other hand, core features such as highlighting are taken for granted. It's only when the highlighter pen goes wrong (extremely rare) that I realise quite how much I take for granted.

    I'd like to return to the OR question, maybe later today or tomorrow. In the meantime:

    * defocusing from tags, from users, from computers:

      — a) what's the aim of the OR search?
      — b) what's your context?
      — c) if/when you gain (from a single search) the required set of results,
          what do you plan to do with those results?

    Your opening question is explicit :-) but I encourage you to think beyond the current perception of Diigo. Is there a question (d) that I have not asked? Something that you would like Diigo (or an interoperating service) to help you with? Etc..

  • Chris Lott
    Sorry, I'm letting my frustration get the better of me. Here's some of the context: I teach classes in (and using) social media and software. I teach (and teach with) Diigo-- it has so much more (and more potential) than Delicious... but it feels like an exception when I go to share something beyond the most basic with my classes and it works. Examples from the past: adding bookmarks that then don't appear for hours or days when browsing by that tag, RSS feeds from various areas other than the main bookmark stream, very inconsistent search results (including being unable to find bookmarks in our own stream we can browse to and see), private bookmarks sometimes showing up and sometimes not in searches and browsing by tag (when logged in), etc. It just starts to get painful!

    Anyway, my primary goal beyond the basics is always to make Diigo more valuable by using it as a source for other activities/sites. In general, that activity benefits from a strong API and search. In this case I'm trying to allow users to bring a selected set of tagged bookmarks together to feed into another community. So, they would be tagging items with one of three tags. That stream would be combined for redisplay on their community site. I can invent various aggregate tags, but that skews the display of tags and makes sub-combinations difficult. And then I can't link back to an aggregate stream either!

    This is just one example... simple boolean support in both the search box(es) and the API would be very useful when trying to expand on use of Diigo beyond relatively simple browsing in the main GUI...
  • Graham Perrin
    > simple boolean support


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