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Graham Perrin

Search Protocol Reference - 0 views

Graham Perrin

FAQ on Delicious - 0 views

  • The only limitation on tags is that they must not include spaces
    • Graham Perrin
      … unlike the multiple word tag in the image at
    Consider the tag definitions/limitations of Delicious and others alongside:
Graham Perrin

Multi Word Tags Need Some Love - 57 views

Not quite worth hacking around, but certainly something that should be addressed.

inconsistency multiple word tags suggestion bug

Graham Perrin

About | URL tag cloud | click a multiple-word tag | search results do not use the requi... - 54 views

1. 2. focus on the URL tag cloud 3. management of innovation (click) = Ex...

resolved wontfix multiple word tags TTW GUI bug

Graham Perrin

tag editing dialogue does not hint to use "quotation mark enclosure" for multiple-word ... - 34 views

Low priority = Example = Five single-word tags were edited, expanded to multiple word tags. Without the hint to enclose in quotation marks, the fi...

multiple word tags editing edit suggestion bug gpd4

Graham Perrin

Editing a multiple word group tag should "enclose all words" in the editing field - 38 views

1. at the Group Tag Dictionary page for a group (in my case, a private group) 2. opt to 'Edit' a multiple word tag 3. correct one of the words 4. click 'Save' = Expected = Multiple words sh...

group tag dictionary multiple word tags suggestion gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 23 Oct 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Links from multiple word tags not working in tagroll (and rss) - 126 views

> consensus Considering the many other topics (including import, export and interop) that relate to tagging, I'd say: * no consensus. Diigo team are working towards the next version of Diigo.

links rss tagroll tags multiple word tags bug boolean

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