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Contents contributed and discussions participated by sussex cdec

sussex cdec

Group email notifications no longer being received - 53 views

group email notifications bug sender verification resolved spam (electronic)
  • sussex cdec
    Some have been set for immediately and some daily. It has probably not been working for the last 2 weeks, or there abouts.
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  • sussex cdec
    I'm afraid not... I've been refreshing the page!
  • sussex cdec
    It's through our University servers at Sussex Uni. Haven't had a problem until recently. Could their spam filters be syphoning the messages off?
  • sussex cdec
    Hi Joel,

    Still not getting any email alerts. Have you been able to look into this yet?

    Thanks, Darren

    Joel Liu wrote:
    > I looked into the log:
    > failure:'s_email_address_for_typos_or/550-5.1.7_550-5.1.1_unnecessary_spaces._Learn_more_at/550-5.1.7_550_5.1.1_
    > I will look into the issue.
  • sussex cdec
    Thanks Joel. All working again now!
sussex cdec

Links from multiple word tags not working in tagroll (and rss) - 122 views

links rss tagroll tags multiple word tags bug boolean
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