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Article: Norwegian journalist changed from Delicious to Diigo ( - 11 views

  • Har du blitt fan av å ha bokmerkene på nett, tipser vi deg også om noen alternative tjenester til Delicious. Det finnes en haug av dem, men her er et lite utvalg:
  • Diigo - Etter nyheten om Delicious har jeg selv gått over til Diigo, som byr på så og si det samme som Delicious, men med en god del ekstrafunksjonalitet. Blant annet finnes det apps både til iPhone, iPad og Android, det er mulig å lagre tekstutklipp, merke tekst på nettsider, lagre snapshots (ikke tilgjengelig på gratisversjon), "les senere"-funksjonalitet og mer til. Tjenesten støtter også direkte import av Delicious-bokmerkene dine ved at du laster opp fila du hentet ut fra Delicious' eksport-funksjon. Under ser du en video som demonstrerer hvordan Diigo fungerer:
    (2010-12-21: The journalist changed to Diigo after the leaked news about Yahoo's priorities, and Diigo is the first alternative listed in his article. Good for Diigo :-) )
    (2010-12-21: The journalist changed to Diigo after the leaked news about Yahoo's priorities, and Diigo is the first alternative listed in his article. Good for Diigo :-) )

Diigo: Social Bookmarking and Annotation - 0 views

  • To use the highlight and find feature, you just type in the textbox that you use for normal searching but this time either click on the button for each word of the search term or the highlighter button. It sounds like a lot involved with the toolbar, but really once you start to use it, you will grow to love it. I mentioned that Diigo is not only a social bookmarking service, but also a social annotation service. Diigo lets you highlight any text on any site and bookmark the page saving the highlighted text. Once the bookmark is saved, the next time you visit the bookmarked page, you will still see the text you highlighted, but this time with a blue underline. You can save multiple highlights on a page and even save sticky notes to each highlighted text area that you saved. This is excellent because there are many times that I have wanted to keep a note of something specific on a site and couldn’t and later on forget why I bookmarked it in the first place. Now I can keep notes on pages so I know what I was thinking at the time. On top of all of this though is that you can set public sticky notes. Meaning that when a Diigo user is to set a note to public on a page, any other Diigo user will see the note as well when viewing it. I also should note that in order to save a public note, you must have atleast two friends to help cut down on abuse with notes on sites. Diigo has many other great features. One feature that caught my eye was the importing of bookmarks. Instead of importing a saved file to Diigo, it will actually open a popup listing all your bookmarks from your browser and let you import each on all at once or individually. It also tags them all by default using the tag, “Links” along with the name of the folder it was found in from your bookmarks directory. This is great because I don’t have to make any file or anything to import bookmarks. Another feature that I thought was interesting search page for Diigo. Diigo has searching in the interface itself, but unlike other services, it also has its own search page that lets anyone search Diigo (even if you aren’t a member). Instead of showing results in the Diigo’s website itself, it will show results on a page in a format much like Google’s which makes it a whole lot better, in my opinion. Another feature that Diigo has is friends. You can add friends to your bookmarks page so you can easily view their bookmarks when you want.
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