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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Kip Gregory

Kip Gregory

Diigo toolbar DLL crashing Internet Explorer 7 - 99 views

toolbar IE7 crash dll 3.1.22.dll bug crash (computing)
started by Kip Gregory on 25 Mar 09 no follow-up yet
  • Kip Gregory
    Hi Graham -

    Thanks for the very rapid reply. Don't have answers to everything but will do my best...

    Installed on Monday I believe.

    Re: problems with my computer, it depends how you define that. The quick answer, not since installing Diigo. Over the weekend, I had a network/Internet access issue with my router/switch but I think the new switch we installed wouldn't relate to this. Tell me if I'm wrong though.

    I did notice this morning that Adobe Acrobat 8 put in an update in the background (8.1.3 I believe). Maybe that triggered the issue?

    Extending the functionality of IE... again, nothing since Diigo but I already had toolbars for Google, Furl, LInkedIn, and SideStep installed previously. And they seemed to all play nice together until this morning.

    No uninstalls I recall.

    Can't remember if I Ctrl + W'ed, or clicked the X icon in the upper right. What I do know is it's been happening when there are multiple IE windows open and I go to close one. (I'll try to track the particulars from here on and report back.)

    Windows XP SP 3

    Think that's everything. Look forward to getting your thoughts.

Kip Gregory

Still don't have access to cached Furl pages 2 weeks after transfer - 40 views

furl caching transfer patience resolved
started by Kip Gregory on 30 Mar 09 no follow-up yet
  • Kip Gregory
    Can you please indicate the timeframe in which you feel that transfer will be completed? I know you have mountains of data to work through but would appreciate an estimate so I know when to follow up if it doesn't happen.

Kip Gregory

Diigo's only showing half of the pages I saved with Furl - 51 views

Furl transfer incomplete bug
started by Kip Gregory on 19 Mar 09 no follow-up yet
  • Kip Gregory
    Logging in this morning, I now have some but not all of my Furl saves showing up in my Diigo account. Should I be concerned, or is it still processing? (I had ~900 pages saved in Furl and am showing about 500 in Diigo)

    Particularly concerned/interested to know if there are any limits to the number of pages one can save in Diigo.

    Is there a comparison grid/description of the two services posted anywhere? If so, I missed it.

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