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Jose Luis Pajares

Feauture request: show a personal comments box in webslides - 38 views

feature webslides

started by Jose Luis Pajares on 10 Nov 07
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    I want to make a webslide of images from several webs for my classes but i would like to show my comments to guide my students throught them.
    Also would be good to see that Firefox is able of auto-resize the image to fix it to the window size, as usual.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    I realised there is a Diigo Logo at the upper-left to show the comments. But i would like to see in the webslide settings an option to show my comments automatically in a corner, like the playlist.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    More about webslides (I'm making my first detailed webslide so i get a lot of possible feedback). I would like that the 'next' arrow will send you to the next sticky note, instead of to the next website. I need to go throught two images of the same website, the second one is at the bottom of the webpage so I'm sure my students won't notice the attached sticky note.
    This method would be the more appropiate in order to make a step by step guide.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Another suggestion for webslides: the final slide with the title and the option to start over again should appear in non automatic webslides too.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    There are some issues i can't understand. My firefox doesn't allow me to post sticky notes with Diigo toolbar (just clicking in the icon and nothing happens) but the Diigolet does. Internet Explorer Diigo toolbar also does it, but just private ones, even in a public bookmark of a public website. Also while trying to add a link in a rich formating sticky (Great feauture) the ok/cancel buttons are in some oriental language.
    Also i realised that sometimes while testing the webslides some sticky notes appear and others doesn't due to an unknown reason. By the way, this is the webslide i'm making:

    For example, in the 7th slide, wich is a youtube clip, the sticky isn't frequently shown while playing the webslide.

    Hey guys, your ideas are great and webslides are one of them, but you are still dragging on many bugs of the main feautures of Diigo. This is my persective since i'm a Diigo user (and i'm an early one) , anyway i'll stay with Diigo because it's still wonderful, but sometimes it makes my workflow caotic.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Another bug: While pasting in a sticky note (IE7) from Word, a message appear asking me if i want to clean the text first. If i click 'ok' it brings me to a empty window with this weird address:
    If i close it, another message appear saying that Diigo couldn't show the pop-up window.

    By the way, i've the same spacing problem in the sticky shown in this image:
    of this Diigo Review:

    I hope i won't have to reply myself again...
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Another bug: Editing a plain format sticky note to make it rich text, it creates a duplicate.

    And i'm not sure of this but i think also editing a rich formatted sticky note, it creates a duplicated note.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    One more: re-editing a saved rich formatted sticky note (IE7), brings me to the plain format editor, so the html code is shown and the format seems lost, unless yo click in rich format again.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    One more bug: italics in rich formatted sticky notes are shown as bolds in webslides (and maybe in all Diigolets?)
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Why is the private/public option disabled in the sticky window editor once is saved? Would be good to be able to make a private note public...
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    I think this is my last bug report about weblides: If i try to edit a sticky note while in a webslide, the presentation could just go to it's beginnig if i press the "J" key, loosing my edition. I guess there is some shortcuts in webslides that make the conflict.

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