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doof von daddious

Diigo has taken over my home page - 9 views


started by doof von daddious on 30 Apr 07
  • doof von daddious
    It seems that almost every time I close my browser and restart it, the home page defaults to the I have three PCs with the diigo toolbar and it is the same on all three PCs and regardless of the browser. It does the same thing with IE7 or Firefox.

    What's happening?
  • doof von daddious
    As a follow up. I uninstalled the toolbars on two PCs for both browsers. I re downloaded and then installed the toolbars.

    One PC is XP the other Vista.

    Here's what happens on both PCs. When I open Firefox, it opens to my home page. Then about 2 seconds later it redirects to the home page and I have to login even though I am already showing that I am logged in. If I don't log in, I get logged out. I log in. If I close the browser, it seems that 30% of the time, I get the same issue. Sometimes, it works like it should, sometimes it doesn't.

    The same thing happens with IE7. However, on the Vista PC, the tool bar shows up with only the diigo logo and a drop down option to login. Even though the page shows me logged it.
  • Maggie Tsai
    Thanks for the screenshots.

    The login problem was due to a recent new change in the backend. Just updated. Please check and confirm. Thanks

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