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Unable to sigin with yahoo - 8 views

We cannot tell you your password since it is encrypted and no one even us cannot access it in the database system. We take this mechanism out of consideration for ensuring the security of users' c...

yahoo sigin openid 500error

Saul Cozens

OpenID ldP discovery - 11 views

Your tool looks great for my organisation, however we use google apps and the google account login doesn't work. Google apps does act as an OpenID provider, but you have to jump through soem hoops ...

suggestion openid google apps

David Corking

Does my Furl password overwrite any existing Diigo password? - 19 views

Whist I can't answer the Furl part of the question, you may wish to associate your OpenID use of Diigo with any other use of Diigo. Your route to this: The assoc...

furl security openid lowpriority

Brian Hannah

OpenID and user name/password - 150 views

Nicely done - that was a good guess! I hadn't thought to reset my password (that didn't exist), but sure enough, it let me enter a new one after I reset it. Thanks very much for solving this for me!

OpenID help password resolved thanks thank you

Graham Perrin

Diigolet 'Sign in' routine fails for OpenID users - 48 views

This may translate to a simple issue with Diigo/Diigolet help/documentation but to begin with, I class this as * a bug in the membership/registration workflow that applies to new users of Diigo. ...

OpenID Diigo member register password Diigolet help bug gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 19 Dec 08 no follow-up yet
Malu Bamba-Gott

Yahoo OpenID provision and association are (were already) OK - 45 views

A response to Maggie's and :) to balance

Yahoo OpenID association gpd4

Maggie Tsai

Google ID/account association with Diigo ID/account is forbidden - 107 views

> 8. launched Firefox > > 9. clicked the 'Diigo - Sign in' toolbar icon > > 10. took the Google option > > 11. attempted to associate Google OpenID with Diigo ID > >> ...

Google OpenID association bug gpd4

Malu Bamba-Gott

New! Multiple OpenID user signin support - 116 views

The wording was changed. Sorry for the mistake.

openid signin

Graham Perrin

first OpenID login to Diigo always requires a second OpenID login - 79 views

> That's right. We fixed it about 10 days ago. Ah, thanks … sorry for not mentioning the (past) date of the issue when I opened this thread. It could have saved you some time! - sorry. Postsc...

OpenID bug resolved

march j

error: openid-login lands on blank page - 66 views

Graham Perrin wrote: > Firefox 3.0.3 + Diigo + *.myOpenID - OK. yes you are right. thank you. mine does work again, too. thanks @diigo for fixing it. best regards, march.

openid login error firefox safari mac osx bug resolved

John Cooper

diigolet doesn't sing in... - 129 views

On Linux using the epiphany browser you can also do Edit ===> Preferences ===> Privacy ====> Cookies ===> Always accept cookies

diigolet firefox signin OpenID cookie help Epiphany resolved

Ellen H.

OpenID account integration - 41 views

Of course. Wow, I feel silly now. Thank you!

account openid question

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