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Contents contributed and discussions participated by KM Anderson

KM Anderson

All bookmarks made after Aug 3 are gone - 26 views

  • KM Anderson
    I really appreciate what I can do with Diigo, but I'm feeling lost because all the bookmarking I've done since August 3 has vanished.

    Nothing seemed different when I was making them, highlighting, etc..

    Are they gone for good or were somehow never logged/made to begin with?

    For what it's worth, in the past month I've updated Firefox when Firefox has prompted me to do so.

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

  • KM Anderson
    Hi, Graham,

    Yes, it's working today: after I discovered the earlier bookmarks were gone I did some -- a few at a time -- today to see if it was working.

    Your previous note gives me several things to check; I'll do so and let you know.

    Thanks for the ideas above.

  • KM Anderson
    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > shows four bookmarks within the past 24 minutes.
    > 1. Recent tags
    > Please review to see whether any of the recent tags were created at the time of the unfound bookmarks.
    > 2. Private bookmarks
    > Please review to see whether any of the unfound bookmarks are present, but unexpectedly private.

    I checked that; no luck.
    > 3. Environment
    > What's your operating system and version?

    Mac os X 10.4.1
    > What's your current version of Firefox?
    it's 3.5.2 but that update happened today. before then I guess it was 3.5.1
    > Are you using Diigolet, or an installed version of Diigo?
    Installed, I think.
    > If it's installed, what's the version number of the add-on?
    how can I find this out?
    > Do you use any other add-ons?
    Diigo add ons? None that I know of affiliated w/ Diigo.
    > 4. Advice from Mozilla
    > Troubleshooting extensions and themes.
    > If you follow this route, you might begin by disabling all extensions other than Diigo.
    > 5. Identities
    > Do you have any Diigo identities other than kmanderson?

    no, but good question.
    > Do you always sign in in the same way?
    yes; I stay signed in and have the log in page set to remember my username and password; I'm using my own mac
    > Have you used OpenID to sign in?
    > You joined on 10 April 2009, not long after the announcement re: Furl. Did you migrate from Furl? If so, did you follow the migration routine at the appropriate point?

    I was never on Furl
    > Regards
    > Graham
Graham Perrin

My bookmark and my annotations missing from all annotations and from Diigo About - 33 views

bug inconsistency annotations gpd4
started by Graham Perrin on 10 Aug 09 no follow-up yet
  • KM Anderson
    I am missing bookmarks from the past 4-5 days -- anything I marked since about Aug 3.
    There I was all this time, happily annotating and bookmarking, and now it's ... where?
    I don't even know what I don't have, b/c when D works I don't really think about it.
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