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Laura Simmons

Open ID - 8 views

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started by Laura Simmons on 25 Jun 09
  • Laura Simmons
    I was wondering if anyone was aware of Open ID. I went to to save me time in posting and found that Diigo accepts open id.

    Only problem is that my password is remembered in my browser and I didn't record it. so I have access to diigo but can't add it to because I forgot to record it.

    Can anyone tell me how I can retrieve me password? Don't say just change it because you cannot change it unless you type in the old pass word.

    By the way OpenID has a few different option if you are interested in their service for your site visitors, otherwise, it's an easy way to not have to worry about those ton of passwords you have and you don't need to buy password software. It's free for users, the websites pay any and all fees at least at this time.
  • Graham Perrin
    Hi Laura

    If you have forgotten your OpenID password, you must contact your OpenID provider.

    At there's a list of common providers, maybe yours is in that list.


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