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Daniel Gauthier

Password login not being remembered - 11 views

yc c was right. Everything is back to normal today. Did the Firefox upgrade, no problem. Phew! :) Thanks! -don't know why it was still working in Maxthon2 though...

Password resolved

Graham Perrin

Keychain Services Integration - add-on for Mozilla Firefox - 0 views

    In partial fulfilment of a 2001 request for enhancement to the Password Manager component of Mozilla: Julian Fitzell has released this experimental add-on for Firefox. A very long-awaited step closer to better integration between Firefox and the operating system!
    For Firefox 3.0 and greater on Mac OS X: an experimental add-on that effectively uses Keychain Services for storage and retrieval of passwords and related account information.
Brian Hannah

OpenID and user name/password - 152 views

Nicely done - that was a good guess! I hadn't thought to reset my password (that didn't exist), but sure enough, it let me enter a new one after I reset it. Thanks very much for solving this for me!

OpenID help password resolved thanks thank you

Graham Perrin

Diigolet 'Sign in' routine fails for OpenID users - 48 views

This may translate to a simple issue with Diigo/Diigolet help/documentation but to begin with, I class this as * a bug in the membership/registration workflow that applies to new users of Diigo. ...

OpenID Diigo member register password Diigolet help bug gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 19 Dec 08 no follow-up yet
Joel Liu

re Bookmark corruption - 17 views

alexl01 wrote: > On several occasion the bookmarks I see from the drop down menu of the tool bar of my firefox browser are different to those I see when I click on my Diigo at this site. === >W...

bookmark change corruption password

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