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Ann Lusch

Disappearing content - 36 views

This has happened a lot, but here's one: Here's an example of how things appear differently in different pages: This is what I get when I go to a stu...

bug inconsistency content disappearing sticky notes sticky note highlight highligting diigo

Graham Perrin

Spammers & Diigo - 33 views

At some Facebook URLs are given by Paolo Brocco. Whether he wants the backend treatment for those URLs, I'm not sure.

spam group forum sticky notes spam (electronic)

Graham Perrin

Public Sticky Note on my iGoogle page - 13 views

A Public Sticky Note appears near the Google search bar of my personal iGoogle page now. How can I remove it??

sticky notes

Kevin Stecyk

Sticky Notes Page List - 31 views

AFAICT the preferences for hiding are limited to the Firefox profile where the preferences are set, not echoed to Diigo service. Rule of thumb: don't expect to find any browser-specific preferenc...

Sticky Notes Notes List help resolved

Russ Goerend

Help with unusable sticky notes, please! - 79 views

Graham, i think it's the Evernote plugin. I had a feeling it was, so I disabled only that plugin and so far so good. I can live without that plugin as it has a bookmarklet with the exact same fun...

sticky notes sticky Firefox extension Evernote conflict bug

Graham Perrin

IE 8 and sticky notes not playing well together - 63 views

Here's the latest... Fresh install of Win 7 and IE 8. Installed diigo TB diigo TB works except stickies diigolet fully functional Anyone have issues with Vista and/or Win 7 and diigo toolbar o...

internet explorer sticky notes bug


Public Sticky? - 81 views

I can't make any public comments or sticky notes either, get this message "To reduce spam, posting public notes is a privilege reserved for active and trusted users. ". Is it because I have no foll...

sticky notes public spam (electronic)

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