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Graham Perrin

floating notes at Google home page - 16 views

> a bug (2010-04-01) Cannot delete sticky notes in IE8 The underlying issue in this topic is different; it should be impossible to float a ...

spam floating note home spam (electronic)

yc c

Generate Report... sticky notes not listed - 92 views

When I select 'generate report' nothing happens... Using good old copy/paste is 100% sure to work but I quit like the provided print button.

bug help report sticky annotation comment note floating

Graham Perrin

floating notes at home page - 21 views

At there's a floating note. Home page should be exempt

bug floating note home

started by Graham Perrin on 02 Dec 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

graffiti/spam at - 7 views

As redirects to so both URLs should be treated as a home pages; floating notes should be disallowed. At the moment, there are eight floatin...

Google Wave home spam (electronic) graffiti floating note

started by Graham Perrin on 21 Nov 09 no follow-up yet

Dragging floaty sticky notes - 8 views

Hi Graham, thank you for the advice. (Actually the window of the note - at least in my experience - overlays the entire icon, so doesn't leave any corner to drag it.) And of course, you are right i...

dragging UI GUI floating sticky note icon hover obscure Mozilla Firefox Firefox

Graham Perrin spam: public floating notes at home pages - 47 views reports spam at Firefox spam (electronic) bug floating note public home priority gpd4

Graham Perrin

Considerate placement of floating sticky notes - 67 views

When you place a floating sticky note, please do so considerately. If you move someone else's note, please do so considerately. Advice 1. First, view the site...

floating sticky note help FAQ gpd4

Graham Perrin

How do I remove sticky notes??? - 198 views

I hate sticky note bubbles appear on my websites. How do I prevent them from showing up??? Thanks, Chris

help floating sticky note remove hide

The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Surreal - 25 views

As I was editing my profile, I saw this floating sticky note on the edit page, from Emily Yamsek: "stop talking to me, who are you?" Having never heard of Emily Yamsek up until this point, I ...

floating sticky notes

started by The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy on 21 Apr 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Bug:: Floating Sticky Notes Do Not Share to Diigo Groups - 146 views

Subject: Floating Sticky Notes Do Not Share to Diigo Groups @ Julie Please, could you post to a separate topic? Thanks.

bugs floating annotation groups sticky note bug resolved

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