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Anayly Ledoyen

Unable To Delete Existing Sticky Notes - 124 views

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started by Anayly Ledoyen on 22 Jun 08
  • Anayly Ledoyen
    I am not able to delete existing Sticky Notes since a delete, or any other option, does not show in the pop-up window after the Sticky Note is created. This is extremely inconvenient and makes Diigo unusable to me.

    I am able to delete a Highlight after it has been created because delete and other options show in the pop-up window.

    I upgraded to Firefox 3 since I last used Diigo. Is this problem being caused by Firefox 3? Or have you eliminated the option of deleting a Sticky Note after it has been created?

    Thank you.
  • Joel Liu
    Hi ,
    Just click the "trash" icon at the upper right corner of the sticky note window.
  • Anayly Ledoyen
    The sticky notes I am referring to are the ones that are called "In-Situ Sticky Notes" in the Diigo Help section. There is no "trash can" in the upper right corner of the sticky note, as you indicated there is, the only options there are:

    Actions . . . . . . . . . . . . . X (= Close)
    Add Sticky Note

    Note that the above refers to an existing sticky note, one that I want to Edit or Delete, not one that I want to create.

    Although in the Help section for the In-Situ Sticky Notes it states that "User can delete (but not edit) his own sticky notes.", both options, Edit and Delete, were available to me within the pop-up window since I began using Diigo months ago. Now they are not, why were they removed? These are essential features for my usage, without them Diigo is useless to me.
  • Joel Liu
    To delete In-Situ sticky note
    1) Mouse over to the In-Situ sticky note
    2) Click the "X" beside private/public status indicator.

    We will provide edit option later.

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