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Russ Goerend

Help with unusable sticky notes, please! - 79 views

sticky notes sticky Firefox extension Evernote conflict bug

started by Russ Goerend on 17 May 09
  • Russ Goerend
    I must be doing something wrong. My stickies *rarely* work. Maybe 1 out of 20 times I try to use one is it actually functional. The other times a sticky pops up but has no box to type in or anything else, and what's worse is that it won't close. I'll close the tab within which I created the sticky, but the sticky just stays there on top of all my other tabs. Here is a screenshot of the problem.

    Please help me solve this so I can get some use out of Diigo. Thanks.

    Mac OS 10.5.7
    Firefox 3.0.10
    Diigo Toolbar

    edit: Quitting Firefox and trying again worked. If the problem hadn't happened so many times, I'd probably just live with it. I'll try to isolate the problem and see if there are sites I'm loading that are interfering.
  • Graham Perrin

    1. In your screen shot, where you say

    > nowhere to type

    you need to click the icon to create a new note (in which to type). is probably the best starting point.

    2. In your screen shot, where you say

    > sticky note will not close

    I can not reproduce that problem. Here, using the same product combination as you, and testing with

  • Russ Goerend
    I think I used the wrong terminology. I apologize for the confusion.

    What I was calling a "sticky note" I should have called something different, though I'm not sure what. I select text, then go to "highlight and comment." A "sticky note" pops up and most times (again when I tried right after you replied) it is unusable. There are three icons on the sticky note: an "X", a trash can, and a speech bubble. Clicking on these icons does nothing. There is no box to type in (just like in my screenshot) and it won't close.

    As I said in my edit, sometimes it works. After quitting Firefox and trying again, it worked. But then I loaded the next page I wanted to annotate, it did the same thing as before where I can't do anything with the sticky note and the note won't go away.

    I tried following step-by-step the directions you linked to me. When I hover (not right-click) over a highlighted section, my choices are different from those in the how-to: I assume these differences are just from different versions of the toolbar. When I click "add sticky note" the majority of the time, I get the unusable sticky note: Of course, when I tried it on the how-to page, it worked: Going back to the page I wanted to highlight and following the same steps gave me the same unusable sticky note.

    Is there anything I can do (such as a log file or something) to give you more information? I'm sorry that you can't reproduce it, but it happens to me much more often than not.

    Thanks for your assistance.

  • Graham Perrin
  • Russ Goerend
    Hi Graham,
    Thank you for your continued help with my problem.

    Here is a screenshot of my add-ons.

    Looks like the only ones we differ on (on my end) are Gresemonkey, Greasefire, Evernote, Drag and, and creator. I will try disabling those and re-enabling one at a time. I'll report back anything I figure out.

    Here's my about:config

  • Russ Goerend
    i think it's the Evernote plugin. I had a feeling it was, so I disabled only that plugin and so far so good.

    I can live without that plugin as it has a bookmarklet with the exact same functionality. I'll let you know if I get any more "unusable" stickies in the future.

    Thanks for all your help and patience.

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