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Donal Conlon

Sticky note as a real sticky note instead of a bubble - 24 views

sticky note

started by Donal Conlon on 04 May 07
  • Donal Conlon
    It'd be nice to make the sticky note more like a rolled up sticky note instead of a bubble.
    Also, if it could maintain position as you scroll would be cool.
  • Maggie Tsai
    Please elaborate more on what you meant by "rolled up sticky note". Thanks

    By the way, I presume you're a new Diigo user. In case you haven't noticed (we're in the process of rewriting our HELP section, since more new features are forthcoming), Diigo offers two kinds of sticky notes:

    1) "floating" sticky note that has a "bubble" header - this can be positioned anywhere on a webpage

    2) In-situ sticky note - first you highlight a block of text. Once highlighted, right-click or click Diigo button again and select "sticky note" - this will allow you to have a sticky note associated with that highlight. It shows up only when you mouse-over the highlight.
  • Oliver S.
    I think what donalconlon meant by "rolled up" sticky note is a sticky note with a title only and hidden contents. For example, there is a sticky note software that allows adding sticky notes to your computer desktop. I copied a section of its help file with some images. You can have a look at it here:

    And here you can see another side by side comparison of a rolled up vs a not rolled up sticky note:
    Stickies - Comparison.jpg

    I think the option of adding a title would be a good idea anyway because - as someone else mentioned before - a few letters within a bubble do not tell much about what a sticky note contains. A title consisting of a couple of words would probably be much more descriptive. Of course, a title bar would take up more space than a bubble but not too much I think.

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