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Moving all diigo bookmarks to another diigo account? - 94 views

diigo importing username

started by vicki on 14 Nov 07
  • vicki
    Since it looks like there's no way to change one's username in diigo, I thought I could just create a new account and migrate all of my bookmarks and clippings over to there, just as I had initially imported my bookmarks. But I'm not finding any way to do that -- any suggestions? Or, even better, any way to actually change the username?
  • Maggie Tsai
    Similar to all major services like gmail, our username is an unique ID -- since a lot of data are based on that, any change will impact lots of data in the database and could potentially cause unexpected issue. So as much as we'd like to help, we cannot easily change it for you. Sorry!

    Meanwhile, one possibility that you may wish to consider: export and re-import again. However, please note - while export will export all data (bookmarks, tags, annotation, etc), currently our import function will not support annotation data.

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