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Graham Perrin

List comments should not be excluded from the shared view of a list - 12 views

The public (logged out) view of is OK now. Comments are present. >

inconsistency list comment suggestion v=p public view display mode print gpd4

Graham Perrin

snapshot - freeze frame of diigo activity on a page - 43 views

This is an interesting thought, though not sure how many people will really have this snapshot need. We'll discuss it here. Not exactly an "snapshot" at a given time, but you can make use of th...

print snapshot webslides suggestion

Joel Liu

Print feature - 61 views

This feature is implemented in the next release. When it's ready, we'd like to invite you to use it and give us some feedback. Thanks.



Save or print with highlights and stickies visible - 429 views

seantmitch, Agree and thanks for your input. We'll be offering more enhancements. Meanwhile, few things you can do now: 1) Extract (we will also further enhance more features here...) 2)...

backup highlight print save sticky

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