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Steve 3000

Can't snapshot using Diigolet on Explorer - 24 views

Diigolet Explorer Snapshot

started by Steve 3000 on 04 Aug 10
  • Steve 3000
    I cant figure out how to take snapshots of websites,pdfs or anything (I mostly need it for sites that are password-protected). I downloaded diigolet and there's no option to snapshot - not on the bookmark box, the diigolet bar, or even in my library page. I can only use Explorer 7 at work, so i cannot download the toolbar. Am i up you-know-what creek? Or, am i missing something obvious?
  • sandy_diigo
    Diigolet does not have the feature of snapshot. It's a simplified edition of diigo toolbar.
    Can you download other extensions successfully? BTW,what's the download software you use?
    We cannot reproduce the download problem.

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