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Graham Perrin

where is the help on the diido website - 15 views

> Can I edit tags in groups? If you are the owner or moderator of the group, you can: * create a tag dictionary for that group * edit any member's bookmark. If you are an ordinary member of a...

diigo tag editing help group edit resolved


Request: Editing Highlightes areas - 25 views

When you mouse over the highlight pen, a drop down menu show up and then you can delete or change the color of highlights.

highlight undo editing

Graham Perrin

Quick remove from group / list - 19 views

> in the Diigolet … that I make the mistake... A more positive approach: what could be done to Diigolet to encourage correct use (reduce mistaken use)?

editing group bookmarks list bookmarks remove suggestion

Graham Perrin

Furl Import > tags became lists - 31 views

Update: thanks to Diigo user Tim McCormack, there is a script for Greasemonkey to delete your lists, if the lists are no longer required.

furl bulk editing list tag help resolved

Graham Perrin

tag editing dialogue does not hint to use "quotation mark enclosure" for multiple-word ... - 34 views

Low priority = Example = Five single-word tags were edited, expanded to multiple word tags. Without the hint to enclose in quotation marks, the fi...

multiple word tags editing edit suggestion bug gpd4

Tom Hemingway

Bookmark edit box problems - 86 views

Joel, About my item #2 When I have my bookmarks list open, each bookmark has the "Preview/Share/Delete/Edit/Comment" options at the bottom of the bookmark record. If I chose to share or edit, th...

box edit edit tags editing

Joel Liu

Edit the URL? - 31 views

Allanbj: You can edit the URL in my bookmark page in the new version. Thanks for your patience.

editing url

Emanuele Quintarelli

Tag editing not stored - 37 views

absolutesubzero wrote: > I tried doing some tag editing. I choose some tags, edit them, click save but when I reload the tag cloud everything turn back as if nothing has changed. ====> Where do you...

bug editing tags

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