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Dr. Fridemar Pache

Meatball Wiki: TwinPage - 0 views

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    • Dr. Fridemar Pache
      Annotations need to be URL-based as TrailFire does it. You can click [1] and you get ample annotations. In this case a snapshot of the whole page, of which I am the author. In wikis longer contributions are not the exception. So please get rid of the 5000 words barrier.
    Again a comparison of DiiGo and FireTrail annotation capability.
    Please DiiGo programmers, let the 5000 word barrier.

    You can making over $59.000 in 1 day. Look this
Dr. Fridemar Pache

CommunityWiki: WikiNode - 0 views

    TwinPage Wikiannotation CommunityWiki READONLY linkcorrection
    Dear Diigos,
    I leave here a copy of my wiki contribution, before the annotated page was made READONLY.
    Before the page was made READONLY, it allowed me the quoted entry below.

    Now I wanted to correct the link below from

    MeatballWiki ( pointing erroniously to )
    MeatballWiki ( pointing now correctly to )

    Unfortunately this Wiki page switched from READ and WRITE to READONLY, so that the author couldn't correct his contribution.

    What a blessing, that there is this social annotation service Diigo. I wish, all the world would use it. It is a great help for democratic open and free expression and initiatives.
    The value of social annotation is indispensible.
    Quote of my wiki contribution:
    My suggestion is to try to establish links by userdefined TwinPages. These links are usually at the bottom of the page, but it might be a good alternative to have them at some other visible place, e.g at the top of RecentChanges, if the resp. wiki allows users to edit the top lines. If somebody objects against a link s/he may delete it with or without an argument. If there are enough supporters for establishing a TwinPage relation between the strategi
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