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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Michael Stiso

Graham Perrin

Private highlights are not private; they're public at Diigo About and elsewhere - 305 views

private public bug priority gpd4
started by Graham Perrin on 09 Jun 09 no follow-up yet
  • Michael Stiso
    Is there no way to make private highlights, then, other than by making the whole bookmark private?
Michael Stiso

so highlighting is NOT private...? - 52 views

highlighting privacy private highlight bug
started by Michael Stiso on 25 May 09 no follow-up yet
  • Michael Stiso
    I noticed that there were no asterisks by the highlights in my bookmarks list, despite having been told that those highlights were indeed private when I made them. To test, I logged out and checked the URL for one of my lists, and yes, the bookmarks showed me all the supposedly private annotations containing highlights.

    I read of at least one other case in this forum, but I haven't seen any solution to it. Is this a bug? Is it the way things are supposed to be? In either case, I'll likely just have to mark all my bookmarks as private until it's fixed.
Michael Stiso

2 suggestions: comment capability in lists, and put lists on dashboard - 10 views

suggestions suggestion list comment PDF dashboard
started by Michael Stiso on 07 May 09 no follow-up yet
  • Michael Stiso
    Here are two things that would make Diigo much more usable for me:

    1) Sometimes I bookmark a direct link to a PDF file. In lieu of highlighting (since this is a PDF, not a web page), I will add notes in the form of private comments to that bookmark as I read through the document. Unfortunately, there seems to be no capability to add comments to bookmarks from within a list. Rather, I have to leave the list and display the main bookmarks page, in which all bookmarks include a comment link, which is kind of a bother.

    2) Provide a way to open a list of bookmarks with single click from any point on the site. Currently, from the dashboard or from any another list, if I want to view a new list, I have to open up My Lists and then choose a given list from that page -- which is also kind of bother. It'd be nice if there were a dropdown or something that let me switch lists without having to go through the My Lists page.
Michael Stiso

suddenly can't access in Opera - 25 views

gateway error bug service resolved
  • Michael Stiso
    For some reason, I can no longer access the Diigo site in Opera. I'm using the latest version of Opera on Mac Leopard, the browser is set to accept all cookies, I can access on Firefox and Safari, and the Diigolet toolbar still works. However, I get an error when trying to load Any suggestions on how to fix the situation?

    Apparently, if I tell Opera to identify itself as Firefox, the problem is resolved. Kind of annoying to have to do that, though...
  • Michael Stiso
    It's not an Opera error message. I get a webpage with the following:

    "Sorry for the Inconvenience

    Our server is temporarily unavailable. Please e-mail to let us know about the problem.* Thanks. We will have things running smoothly again as quickly as we can, so please try again later.

    We are avid Diigo users ourselves, and chances are we already know about this issue, but in case it is a very recent one, notifying us may help us respond just that little bit more swiftly. Thanks again for your help."
  • Michael Stiso
    I did. Didn't hear anything back, though, so I thought I'd try the forum.
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