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Graham Perrin

contact list: people's names out of order - 5 views

A minor issue: 1. My network 2. follows n people    — order is good, alphabetical 3. View: … a list Issue Within the list, people's names are out of order.

order alphabet contact list people friend follow

started by Graham Perrin on 11 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Diigo etiquette on "friending"... - 51 views

I would like to believe that there is a proper etiquette but the truth is, there is none...Personally, I often investigate first if who is the person who has sent me a friend request..If the person...

friend diigo etiqette

The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

How to become more visible on Diigo? - 19 views

Mr. Rhay, My experience with Diigo is very limited, but having moderated and participated in groups elsewhere, I have found one thing to be true: activity attracts activity, and inactivity pre...

diigo socialbookmarking profile friend bookmark groups lists post

Graham Perrin

Alphabetize student list - 19 views

If it's the issue I'm thinking of, I noted the same thing yesterday. Do you find that names are disorderly both within and without the contact lists?

order contact friend list sort alphabetical suggestion

Nele Noppe

Error message when trying to add as friend - 7 views

I twice got a message saying '500 internal server error' when trying to send a friend request to two different people today. Any ideas on what the problem might be here? Thanks in advance, Nele

friend request 500 internal server error bug

started by Nele Noppe on 20 May 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Dashboard: 1 friend request leads to no requests - 15 views

Hello, I have the same bug: 2 friends requests appear on my dsahboard but no real request.

dashboard friend request count bug gpd4 review

Graham Perrin

An extensible conversation should more easily allow a participant to invite a person wh... - 144 views

Logically: if person B has responded to person A and if person A has responded to person B then there is (at least) a two-way conversatio...

conversation message friend trust discussion GUI TTW suggestion gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 22 Nov 08 no follow-up yet
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