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Private bookmarks RSS feed - 357 views

private bookmark RSS rss-feedtags tag feed token suggestion

started by viktor on 17 Jul 09
  • Graham Perrin
    A good suggestion.

    Also, please enable e-mail notification for the following topics:

    If/when there's a secure or tokenised solution for
    unread bookmarks, then I guess it will be a step closer to a secure or tokenised solution for
    private bookmarks.
  • Graham Perrin

    1. Create a private list. Routinely add private bookmarks to this list

    2. near the head of the page, follow the link to the tokenised URL

    3. copy the ?token=… part of the URL

    4. click RSS

    5. paste the ?token=… string over the ?u_name=…&uri=… string

    (Steps 3 and 5 are not normal. I guess that preparations for the next version of Diigo are underway.)
  • Graham Perrin
    I'm far from sure. It's guesswork.

    For announcements re: features and a release date, please watch Diigo blog.
  • Graham Perrin
    No separate feed in Diigo 4.0 beta.

    In the absence of RSS tailored to private bookmarks, I often apply the tag
    to bookmarks that are private.

    RSS aside, compact view (simple display mode) offers a view of your library that users may find easier on the eye.

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