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started by DailyRebellions on 15 May 07
  • DailyRebellions
    I am having a lot of trouble with RSS. I am planning to bring over 2-300 bookmarks into an organized fashion from blinklist, but I have to figure these things out. so i am going to keep my groups private till i get it all right. (However, I wanted to clarify that the following were questions/concerns when the 'group' had a public status.) I really really want to leave blinklist - and these are the questions that can help me do that.

    1. Public/Private/Anyone/Invite - If you pick the option 'Public' AND the option "Invitation Only", when you save, the group is saved as "Private-only members can view"

    2. GROUPS | > RSS
    If I make a comment on a bookmark. Then I LATER decide to 'share that bookmark', the comment does not appear in the groups. I have to manually go to the group bookmarks section and add the comments over again. This of course means that when you go to the page, there are double comments. Is this meant to be the case?

    3. GROUPS | > RSS & Comments
    Are the comments from the group going to be available in the RSS Feed? Are they supposed to be as of right now? (they are not). They are available in Blinklist's "Spaces" (their feed rocks, even if the space is confusing)

    4. MYBOOKMARKS (non groups) | > RSS > Tags in RSS Reader Merging to Inaccurate Links
    Ok, this is complicated, so get comfy. Say I subscribe to a feed of a tag in my own personal bookmarks. In the feed reader, I see the TITLE, the DATE posted, and the TAGS. The tags are hyperlinks. Here's where it gets weird. Say the tag is "nonprofit". I suppose it html hyperlink is something like "tag/nonprofit". So the hyperlink in the RSS feeder combines the TITLE and the link of the tag. So if the bookmark is Idealist which has a web address of - the tag "nonprofit" will link to "" which of course, is not a location at all. The tag "nonprofit" under a bookmark for Consultant commons ( will translate in an RSS reader in such a way that the tag links to "" which also is not a valid link. What do I do?

    5. MYBOOKMARKS (non groups) | > RSS > Comments in RSS Reader
    This is pretty important. Are there any plans for the comments of the user to show up in the users feed?

    Thanks so much for your patience with me on these matters. I hope I was clear enough! I am not so good at writing techie things!

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